Dear CosmonautsĀ 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀,

We can happily inform you that weĀ are moderately stocked up on LadastenĀ®Ā again and ready for your purchases.

To our knowledge, Ladasten Ā is not being discontinued by the producer, however several major Russian pharma chainsĀ have had supply problems with it.Ā Unfortunately, these problems are likely to continue in the future but we will try our best to have Ladasten in stock for those customers who really need it. Please know that due to the limited availability, we had to slightly raise the prices.

However, to counteract this we also added a standard delivery option for the time being, which is only 9 USD for orders above 30Ā USD.Ā 📦

Thank you for your patronage,

CosmicNootropic Team