Hey there Nootropic Cosmonauts! 🚀

In the beginning of September this year we’ve decided to start rewarding our contributors for the reviews left on our site. And the way of doing that, is holding a raffle on 15th of each month. Each time we give out two 100 USD coupons on everything in our store.

All our raffles are streamed (and then saved) on our YouTube channel. You can check all the past broadcasts whenever you want! Over the last three months we had 24 participants and we will be happy to see this number growing in the following months.

Why are the reviews  so important? 

Your opinion about our store is really important, both for us and for all nootropics enthusiasts. Listening to you helps us to improve our service and product range, so we can deliver even better experience to everyone.

Your feedback also gives valuable information to other customers, who are interested in nootropics. Information on nootropics and their usage is rather limited, so each personal experience may help someone else to chose the right supplement for them.

All reviewed are welcome. Positive or negative – it is your experience and we value it.

So, you might be thinking, how do I participate in the raffle? The whole process is really simple:

  1. Make a purchase in our store.
  2. Leave your general feedback or feedback on a certain product. We don’t have any specific format for the reviews, so just share your thoughts!
  3. Be sure to specify your e-mail. We won’t disclose it, but it is needed to contact you before and after the raffle.

You are in! Now you have to wait till the date of the raffle. We usually send the exact time of the broadcast to all the participants several days prior.

Hope to see you in our next raffle and good luck!

Sincerely yours,

CosmicNootropic Team 🛰️

P.S. You should totally subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have a lot of useful stuff coming up in the 2018! 😉