Hi Nootropic enthusiasts! 

It has finally happened! You can now pay for any supplement on our website with your Visa or MasterCard, just as for any other product online. 

We have set up our payment processing. There is more info on our payment info page and several formal statements on the dedicated page

This option should be available to all our customers all across the world. However, there some details you might need to know before paying:

1. Check whether your card has 3D-Secure option enabled. It is used for the additional transaction security and essentially requires you to make an additional confirmation to your bank, before the payment is processed. If you have previously payed with your card in European online-stores successfully, chances are you have this option enabled. There is more info here

2. If you are from the US, you may need to use Verified-By-Visa or MasterCard SecureCode services. This is also an additional security measure that may be required. 

3. All payments are processed in Russian Rubles. No need to worry, your payment total will be automatically exchanged at the current rate. This is a requirement of our service provider and is also needed for bookkeeping. 

4. You are paying to the Russian company. Russia is considered a ‘high-risk’ country (same for China and some other countries). Therefore, you might want to call your bank (their telephone number is on the back of you card usually) and confirm that you are aware of the transaction and where it is going. 

Most likely you won’t have to deal with any of this, but just in case, don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

Sincerely yours,

CosmicNootropic Support team