If you’ve read this previous post from us you might be wondering how to get a chance to win 100 USD while buying from us. Here is the info just for you! 

What is it about?

Each month we give away two 100 USD coupon codes to our clients, who reviewed their experience. The coupon codes can be spent on any of the products in our store.

Since nootropics are not well researched and not many people in the West know about them, we feel that reviews are important and extremely helpful both to us and other nootropics enthusiasts. Therefore we want to say thank you to the reviewers and incentify our buyers to share their experience with the world.

Is it like payed reviews then? 

Not in the slightest.

First, we do not guarantee that your review will win. Everything is completely random. 

Second, we are not asking for only completely positive reviews. If you feel like something can be improved or have any other constructive criticism we will be happy to hear it. We only want true experience of our clients, so it can help others to know more about nootropics.

How to I enter?  

It is simple. 

  1. Make a purchase from us. There is no minimum or maximum total for the order. Nonetheless, we only want reviews from people who have actually used our products and services.
  2. After you have received your order, visit our website of our Facebook page and leave a review. It can describe your impressions about the products you’ve purchased, or it can be just a feedback about your overall experience. The review doesn’t need to be long, but we will highly appreciate it if you will take you time and provide some useful details to the reader. No need to rush with the review. We usually recommend to use our products for some time. 
  3. That is it! You are in. 

How do I know that giveaway isn’t fake? 

We broadcast the raffles on our Youtube page and use random.org for picking the winners. This way you can know that everything is completely random.

How do I know if I win? 

We recommend to watch our broadcasts live, to know about your win first. We go live every 15th day of the month.

But even if you are not able to tune in, we will send you an email if you win. 

Good luck! 

Some additional rules about the raffle: 

  • Each reviewer can only enter raffle once a month (meaning that two reviews on the website grant you only one entry).
  • Each coupon code is raffled separately among website reviewers and between Facebook reviewers. If you leave a review on each platform you will get an entry for each of two raffles
  • Coupon codes obtained by winning in the raffle cannot be gifted, sold or passed to other person in any other way. All codes used by anyone other than original receiver will be disabled without notice.
  • We reserve a right to delete any fake or misleading reviews from any platform. Deleted reviews are withdrawn from the raffle.
  • Coupon codes can be used only once.