What is Phenibut?

Phenibut is a nootropic preparation with tranquilizing (anxiolytic), anticonvulsant, hypnotic, muscle relaxant and sedative effects. It is used in cases of asthenic and anxiety-neurotic conditions, insomnia, logoneurosis, nervous tics, as well as a sedative before surgery. 


But what is the difference between using of Phenibut in Russia and in the USA? 

On Reddit, one can see a lot of scary things about using Phenibut. In America, this turns out to be a terribly addictive substance, to which people become addicted easily, and abandon with a lot of difficulties.

According to feedback, in Russia, everything is different. In average, the experience of using Phenibut is much more positive if compared with the USA: Russian people say (warning: Russian language), that the preparation helps to reduce anxiety, normalize sleep, deal with stress and depression. They also notice that Phenibut can be effective in eliminating the negative effects of other nootropic drugs. But in many cases, people warn about being careful in dosage!

What are the reasons for a better experience? There can be at least two of them:

  • Russia is the country where Phenibut came from, so here, it’s always used only the original product;
  • Phenibut is usually used as a prescription drug after consulting a specialist. Thus, the drug dosage is usually determined by a doctor depending on the diagnosis and personal characteristics of the patients.

Here in Russia, it can be used even by children, by elderly people for falling asleep easier, by women for reducing the negative effects during premenstrual syndrome, etc. After putting all these things together, we can say that the secret of the safe use of Phenibut is simple: always follow the official instructions (we’ve translated it into English special for you), and do not continue treatment if you feel strong and persistent side effects.