Aogan O Hare

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Katya and Valda at Cosmic Nootropics several times over the past 2 years now. I have found them to be honest, trustworthy and have always delivered their products on time. I’ve consistently had the highest quality products and the highest standards of service. Not often I write a review, but in their case they have absolutely deserved it.

Brandon Best

I have been ordering from CN for half a decade and have only experienced 1 problem. Not only did they resolve the problem, which had nothing to due with CN, is was the Russian Post, but they made it more than right for me. I have used other Russian nootropic companies and have had some luck. But, if you want the best quality, NEVER FAKE and always fresh from the manufacturer, products...Cosmic Nootropic is the solution. Tell Lev I sent you. Much love to CN!

Gerrard Hardisty

I’ve had very helpful emails and troubleshooting. Great service and with express post. I usually received my order in two weeks. I live in Canada. Great company,great prices, great products, great payment walk throughs....

John Bush

Cosmicnootropic customer service is the best you can get with any online store. I say this because I’ve been a customer for years and will continue to be through my journey of self improvement. All products are legit and of top quality. They have your back when it comes to nootropics and many other products. Check them out!

Joseph Harrison

I ordered about 6-7 products from Cosmic without a problem. Shipping was fast, delivery was fine and the products seem to be very good and effective. I was notified when the shipment was sent and my questions were answered quickly. I would recommend Cosmic as a reliable supplier of nootropics.

Taig Scotland

I purchased cerebrolysin, mexidol and semax and I have used the semax with great results such as increased attention span and increased learning rate and it is also a good mood booster. Cosmic nootropics delivered to me in the U.K. with no problems ! Delivery took around 2 weeks. Very pleased with my products and cosmic nootropics as a company Alan, U.K. Scotland

Timothy Blalock

I've been buying from Cosmic for almost a year now and they've proven over time that their customer service is rock solid. Also their social media presence on Reddit, offering customers and the general public knowledge about the function of supplements, the brain, the body, and much much more. Me being over 40 with a good diet and frequent exercise isn't quite enough anymore but with Cosmic's novel supplements, it's been a big contribution for optimal quality of life that provides direct nutrients and peptides my body and mind need. I frequently travel, jog/walk 3+ miles everyday, work in a very high paced technological environment and I think that doing those things that I love in life without the supplementation of the unique aminos and peptides that cosmic provide, would be very difficult.

At CosmicNootropic you can buy original brand-name nootropics, anxiolytics, peptides and other supplements of the highest quality! You can trust us because we have been operating in the nootropics market since 2016. All of the smart drugs in our store are produced by reputable pharmacy companies!

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