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About CosmicNootropic

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You can trust us because we operate in the nootropics market since 2016. We have many positive reviews on Truspilot, Reddit and Facebook. At CosmicNootropic you can buy brand-name nootropics, supplements and peptides of the highest quality! 

We believe that nootropics are not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. But we do believe that they can give you a certain edge when you need it and without negative consequences.

Wide Choice of Pharmaceuticals

You will find a wide selection of nootropic preparations, dietary supplements and peptide regulators in store online at CosmicNootropic. We offer nootropic drugs that are used for various purposes: 

Fast Worldwide Delivery 🌎

Buying at CosmicNootropic is convenient. Fast US delivery and international shipping are available

Product Safety

You will be offered original brand-name nootropics, anxiolytics, and other products from reputable pharmaceutical companies. Our products have been extensively researched, approved in several countries, and produced according to the government quality norms at large certified factories. That is what differs our products from supplements or research compounds provided by some other nootropic vendors.
Our Cerebrolysin is produced by EVER Pharma (Austria), Mildronate and Demoxytocin are produced by OlainPharm (Latvia), Bemitil is produced by BelMedPreparaty (Belarus), Stresam is made by Biocodex (France), Actovegin is manufactured by Takeda. Of course, we also sell nootropics originating from the USSR and produced by various Russian pharmaceutical companies, for example Semax, Selank, Noopept, Afobazole, Phenylpiracetam, Cortexin, Phenibut, and others.

Transparent Pricing Policy

We are always transparent about our pricing policy. You can buy nootropics on sale, and save money in case of bulk orders and crypto payment (10% off). 

So if you are still wondering “What is the Best Place to Buy Nootropics?” – the answer is CosmicNootropic 🚀

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