Banned on r/Nootropics

July 1, 2021

UPDATE: The issue with the moderators of r/Nootropics has been successfully resolved. We are back to the nootropics community on Reddit. Thank you everyone who supported us through this whole case! It means the world to me and my team!

We accept your comments and congrats in this post on Reddit 🥳

I guess that you have probably seen our latest Full Review of Cerebrolysin in our blog. And I hope you enjoyed reading it!

It was a big 32-page long article covering most of the possible FAQs regarding Cerebrolysin (its history of development, info about the producer, research in English and in Russian, how-to-use, alternatives etc etc). We’ve spent a great deal of time and effort to create this article and of course wanted to share it with nootropics enthusiasts. We assumed that the most relevant abstract could be posted in short on r/Nootropics to involve the community in a discussion regarding a very popular compound. We did not regard it as a promotional post as we did not state that Cerebrolysin is a universal cure-all, nor did we encourage anybody to buy it from us exclusively. Unfortunately, the post was deleted from r/Nootropics for “self-promotion” and we were permanently banned on r/Nootropics:((

We made inquiries to moderators regarding clarification of the subreddit rules which were not very clear to us because some of our previous posts got through successfully while others did not. There was no feedback that’s why we just kept posting which eventually led to this ban. We provided Moderators with our explanations asking for their help and cooperation in solving this problem but without any feedback so far :(

Screenshot from the correspondence with moderators of r/Nootropics
Here is our letter to moderators of r/Nootropics

We are currently concerned that if moderators persist in their intention to dismiss CosmicNootropic from participating in the life of r/Nootropics community, we won’t be able to share interesting content that appears to be popular among community members. We were about to post some interesting information from the book on Nootropics. However because of this ban we now have to choose other means outside r/Nootropics, even though this subreddit is the most relevant place because its members were clearly interested in this content judging by the great feedback that our previous post has generated.

And here I’m asking for Your help and support!

CosmicNootropic has access to vast amounts of information in Russian regarding our beloved nootropics and we have the opportunity to translate, summarize and share this information which we have already done time and again. We also contribute a lot on Reddit answering questions of follow-redditors in various subreddits devoted to nootropics. However as for now we don’t have this opportunity anymore because of the ban.

It would help us a lot if you could send a message to moderators of r/Nootropics with a request to remove our banned account r/112358134 from the black list, so that we could again make posts, comment and what’s more important help fellow redditors when they fail to find official information on the substances that they use.

My team and I want to continue contributing and sharing useful, well-structured and official information and research on nootropics. And it makes me sad that the community is now deprived of access to this information because of this ban ☹

If you have time and want to help us, we will appreciate it very much! Thank you for your continuous support! Stay healthy.



CEO CosmicNootropic

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  1. Bryan 02/09/2021 am30 03:45 AM Reply

    I just sent a message to the mods and got accused of being one of your alt accounts and got muted. They threatened to filter your company name from the entire subreddit out if the spam continues. Very unfortunate situation. Really hope this helpful, even life changing information can reach more people here in the US.

    • CosmicNootropic 02/09/2021 am30 11:34 AM Reply

      Thank you, Bryan! Every bit helps! Sorry for the mute. Really hope the issue will be resolved one day. Meanwhile we are trying to spend info on our own platforms.

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