How to Choose Your SkQ1 Products?

August 18, 2019

We noticed lately, that SkQ1 products are becoming pretty popular. And we also noticed that there are more and more questions about these products: how to choose the proper one, how to take it, what are the effects etc. In this post, we tried to get all the questions together and answer them consequentially. Here is your FAQ!


You may know from our previous posts, that there are four different products based on SkQ1. Let’s have a closer look at the differences between them.

1. Eye Drops

The first product developed by Skulachev research group was Visomitin ®, the eye drops based on SkQ1. The preparation is used to eliminate the symptoms of dry eye syndrome, in patients with initial manifestations of age-related cataract, and just because it also has a positive effect on the structure of the lens.
We told earlier, that as soon as Visotimin eye drops appeared on the market, people began to use it as an anti-wrinkle skin treatment, despite the fact that it’s actually eye drops. That’s why the company developed some skincare products based on SkQ1.

Concentration of SkQ1: 0.155 µg/ml.

2. Skincare Products

2.1. Exomitin ®, a regenerating antioxidant hydrogel, used for the care of problematic, inflamed, injured skin. It accelerates regeneration and wound healing, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Concentration of SkQ1: 0.031 µg/ml.

2.2. MitoVitan ® is an anti-aging serum. It is a ready-to-use cosmetic product. Daily use of the serum prevents the formation of deep and mimic wrinkles and restores natural moisture balance and elasticity of the skin.

Concentration of SkQ1: 6.2 µg/ml.

2.3. MitoVitan ® Active is an aging intervention concentrate. It is used for all the same reasons as MitoVitan ®, but it contains 20 times more of active substance SkQ1!

Concentration of SkQ1: 124 µg/ml.

How to choose a skincare product?

There are two things needed, which are common for all of the skin types: any skin needs hydration, and any skin needs anti-oxidants. That’s about any of SkQ1 based skincare products. BUT at the same time, we are all different. Everyone is unique. And this is not just about the skin type, this is about lifestyle also.

If your skin is getting damaged, irritated because of any reasons, meets some extreme conditions or adverse environmental factors, and therefore needs to be protected and to get regenerated better, Exomitin is your choice. It improves the skin health, restores its regenerative functions, accelerates tissue repair as well as increases antioxidant defense of the skin cells. The use of hydrogel provides proper skincare and improves its resistance to adverse environmental factors. Exomitin is suitable for long-term use and can be mixed with other skincare products.
For daily skin care, there are two options. First of all, it depends on your lifestyle and favorite products. Second thing, it’s your skin type. As it is said before, MitoVitan serum is a ready-to-use product, so it’s a better choice if you want to try something really new instead of what you have and tried already. Especially, if you didn’t find your product yet. But also it’s better to note, that serum consistency is perfect for oily or combined skin. If you have dry skin, you may feel like something is missing, and you want to add something else.
MitoVitan Active concentrate is perfect for mixing with your favorite skincare product, so you don’t have to change your habitual remedies: this is a more individual approach. And it’s also a better choice for those who have dry skin!

How to take?

Visomitin is eye drops, so it is used just as all the other eye drops: instill into the cavity of the conjunctival sac. Usually, 1-2 drops, 2-3 times a day. The duration of treatment is usually determined by the doctor in accordance with the disease and the severity of symptoms. But it’s also good to use periodically for moisturizing the eyes when wearing contact lenses or relieve fatigue caused by any reasons.Eye drops can be used with any other preparations, but observing the time interval of 5-10 minutes. One more thing: patients who wear contact lenses should abandon them during treatment.
Exomitin hydrogel should be applied a thin layer directly to problem areas of the skin as needed. Then, let it soak for 30 minutes. If you have to use it together with other agents, it’s better to apply Exomitin first.
MitoVitan serum can be used as an independent product, or in combination with your usual care products. Once or twice a day, focusing on the condition of your skin and the desired result.
MitoVitan Active concentrate is considered to be added to skincare products of any consistency: creme, gel, tonic, milk, balm, etc. It can be applied to any body areas: face, around the eyes, neckline, arms and hands, legs and feet, etc. Just add 1-2 drops of concentrate per 1 ml of your care product! For the best effect, one should make a new fresh portion for every 2 weeks.

What is the effect and when?

Visomitin eye drops clinical trials show that the preparation in a short time reduces the frequency of complaints and eliminates the clinical symptoms of dry eye syndrome, helps stabilize the lacrimal film, corneal epithelization. See the effects after 1 month of treatment on the table below:

Objective signs of dry eye syndrome


% of patients


% of patients

Folds of the bulbar conjunctiva creeping onto the free edge of the eyelid 62% 48%
“Flaccid” conjunctival hyperemia 100% 10%
Eye discharge in the form of mucous filaments 24%
De-epithelialization sites 43%
Thickening and hyperemia of the eyelids 67% 29%
For the skincare products, there is no so-called “wow-effect” right after applying: you may know, that this effect is usually fake. The power of SkQ1 skincare products manifests itself after 2-3 months of daily use. Visible improvements in skin condition are usually noted: a decrease in the depth of wrinkles and age spots, and a feeling of moisturized and fresh skin.

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