February 14, 2021

Is CosmicNootropic store a regular online Russian pharmacy? Definitely not! In a regular Russian pharmacy, you can find any preparation, including the most popular western drugs that are represented everywhere. So we just can’t see any sense to offer such preparations to our customers: you can easily find them without our help. In CosmicNootropic, we only offer such medicines that you can’t find anywhere else.

But it’s important to note that our products are not supplements, but Russian pharmaceutical preparations, which means that the quality of our products is at the highest level. All of them are lab-tested original drugs, produced by pharmaceutical companies to the highest manufacturing standards, and are successfully used in medical practice.

Also, just as in any other country, one can find a lot of useless or even dangerous drugs with many side effects. In our store, we have a selection of preparations with the best reviews, tried by many people and even by ourselves. We never offer something we are not familiar with, so you can always ask any questions about any product at our store. We have translated official drug sheets into English, and from time to time, we also translate and publish reviews from Russian people who use these products. Just one thing: we cannot give any medical advice, and it’s always necessary to consult a doctor before taking any medication.

Moreover, it’s important to note that in our selection of products, not only Russian preparations are represented. For example, we have BEMITIL and KASOLIN that we order from Belarus, PRAMISTAR is produced in Italy, and from time to time we just add some interesting products from other countries, such as Latvia (Entrop) or China (Oxiracetam). The thing is that most nootropics and non-schedule biologically active pharmaceutical compounds were developed in the USSR and, later, in CIS countries. But we are trying our best to find the most interesting products worldwide, that are manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards.

Here is the list of most popular medicines represented on the Russian pharmaceutical market, that you can’t find at your local pharmacy.

Cerebrolysin sq


Cerebrolysin® is a neurometabolic stimulator based on neuropeptides (20%) and amino acids (80%) isolated from pig brain tissue, which comes in an injection form. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as Cerebrolysin tablets or nasal spray. Cerebrolysin comes in 2ml, 5ml and 10ml ampules. Unlike the majority of peptide drugs, Cerebrolysin has all the amino acids which support the functioning of the central nervous system; this can explain many additional positive properties of Cerebrolysin.

Produced by EVER Pharma.



Noopept® was created based on the peptide design methodology. It is an N-phenyl-acetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. Its effect is physiological to the human body, as it is based on the formation of an active compound cyclopropyl glycine, which is naturally occurring in the brain. This substance is also called the “memory peptide.” The drug has pronounced nootropic and neuroprotective properties in doses much less than those of Piracetam, but it is characterized by much more diverse pharmacodynamics.

Produced by OTCpharm.

semax 0.1%-package-1


Semax® is a Russian nootropic drug that is used as nasal drops to improve cognitive functions and treat various medical conditions. By its structure, it is a fragment of endogenous neuropeptide ACTH. The drug was shown to increase BDNF that is responsible for the growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses. Semax 0.1% is used for improving focus, mild stimulation, and faster learning. The situation is different for Semax 1%.

Produced by Peptogen Inc.



Selank® 0.15% is an anxiolytic peptide drug with nootropic properties usually sold as a nasal spray or drops. By its structure, Selank is based on endogenous tetrapeptide Tuftsin, which plays an important role in immune system. To slow the breakdown of peptide and prolong its effects, the inventors of Selank added a Glyproline to its structure. Selank will be useful for those looking to release stress, relax and improve mood.

Produced by Peptogen Inc.



Actovegin® enhances aerobic oxidation, absorption of glucose, and oxygen uptake in tissue. For this reason, Actovegin has been used by athletes who wanted to speed up the recovery process and enhance physical performance and stamina. It is also a great drug to treat various sport injuries. Similar to Bemitil.

From a medical viewpoint, you can buy Actovegin for the following treatment applications:

  • Malfunction of the blood circulation and trophic disturbances in the brain;
  • Impairment of peripheral blood circulation and associated diseases;
  • Dermal transplants and acute and chronic wounds.

Produced by Takeda.

Phenibut sq


Phenibut® is a derivative of the naturally occurring inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, which can cross the blood-brain barrier much better than the original compound. Special things about Phenibut: instant anxiolytic effect; improves attention, memory, speed, and accuracy, unlike tranquilizers; improves motivation but might drain your willpower; small dosages have calming and nootropic effects, while larger ones have a stimulating effect.

Produced by Organica/Olainfarm.



Afobazole® is a novel anxiolytic drug with nootropic properties used in Russia to treat anxiety and some cardiac disorders. One of the most important advantages of fabomotizole over benzodiazepines is that it does not form dependence and has fewer side effects. What makes it special among other anti-anxiety medications is that Afobazol does not have sedative, hypnotic, and muscle relaxant action and does not form a dependence on any dosage. Besides that, studies in models of local and global ischemia have revealed neuroprotective effects of the drug.

Produced by Pharmstandard.

mildronate sq

MILDRONATE [Meldonium]

Mildronate® is a metabolic enhancer that can normalize cellular energy metabolism. As such, it is usually used to treat angina, myocardial failure, and reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Off-label use of Meldonium in otherwise healthy individuals includes increasing exercise tolerance, learning, memory, and even sexual function.

Produced by Grindex.

nanotropil sq

NANOTROPIL [Phenylpiracetam]

Nanotropil® has a direct activating effect on the integrative activity of the brain, promotes memory consolidation, improves concentration and mental activity, facilitates the learning process, increases the resistance of brain tissue to hypoxia and toxic effects, exhibits anticonvulsant and anxiolytic activity, regulates the processes of activation and inhibition of the CNS, improves mood.

Produced by Valenta Pharm.

VISOMITIN (Skulachev Ions | SKQ1 eye drops)

SkQ1 is a substance developed and synthesized in MSU. The use of SkQ1 allows to slow down the process of biological aging. This is confirmed by the results of a large number of studies conducted by both MSU experts and other universities and scientists in Russia, Sweden, Germany, the United States, Australia, and other countries.
The mechanism of action of SkQ1 involves at least two extremely complex and novel concepts: delivering an antioxidant compound inside mitochondria and reducing ROS production inside mitochondria in a controlled and sustainable manner. SkQ1 molecule successfully addresses these two aspects. More than a dozen studies have been conducted and showed SkQ1 effectiveness in such critical therapeutic areas as the following: age-related macular degeneration (AMD); dry eye syndrome (DES); non-infectious uveitis; cataract; glaucoma.

Produced by MITOTECH.

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