ShipBob’s Holding our Nootropics Hostage: Shipping Situation in the US unveiled

November 1, 2023

Dear nootropic enthusiasts,

Lev Fomchenkov, CosmicNootropic CEO has just released a video message addressing the shipping situation. In this video you will gain unprecedented insights into the origins of the issue, ShipBob’s role, the unexplained complications on their side and the financial impact for CosmicNootropic. Most importantly, Lev will go through the strategic response to these challenges. 

You likely read the beginning of the story in Lev’s post on Reddit. Now, we invite you to watch the video ⬆️ and join us on the path to resolution.

As of the moment, our US inventory is running low, and ShipBob’s delay in releasing our products is impacting our ability to restock promptly. If you’d like to assist us and expedite access to our products, please take a moment to email ShipBob, urging them to release CosmicNootropic products at [email protected]

Thank you for your loyal support.

Stay healthy,

Your CosmicNootropic team

  1. Tricia 10/11/2023 pm30 19:15 PM Reply

    You definitely need to start legal proceedings..would’ve thought that could have been done earlier. If Ship bop stopped being your fulfillment company because your product may interfere with a sale of their company (ie complications with buyers and FDA approved inventory), the last thing they’d want is a lawsuit or legal complications and would need to resolve. Regardless…this is definitely at a monetary level to engage lawyers.

    • CosmicNootropic 18/11/2023 am30 07:37 AM Reply

      Hi Tricia! Thank you very much for your support and advice! We really appreciate it.

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