April 17, 2018


Afobazole - a new mild anxiolytic with nootropic properties and unnoticable side effects

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We got new educational video on our channel! Come check it out! The qualified MD from the previos video will be talking about the Afobazole this time.

Afobazole is a relatively new product that has been increasingly popular in Russia and in the FSU countries. It has little to no side effects and can exert calming and anxiolytic properties if taken as a course. It is prescribed in psychiatry to treat stress, anxiety, depression and mood swings.

Below you can find the transcript of the video

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Table of contents:

0:05 Effects of Afobazole.
2:03 Effectiveness of Afobazole.
3:51 Afobazole: addiction.
3:55 The effects post intake of Afobazole.
4:41 Afobazole: course of treatment.
5:27 Consequences of prolonged use of Afobazole.
6:49 Side effects of Afobazole.
8:21 Afobazole and sedatives.


Questions in the video:

Can this drug also help in the case of memory gaps?

Afobazole has a cumulative effect, and the indications suggest that the maximum effect of Afobazole is achieved after 4 weeks of use. How fast does this drug take affect?

Can Afobazole develop addiction?

For how long does the effect remain after the intake of Afobazole?

How often is it recommended to repeat the course of Afobazole?

And how long is the break between courses?

Is it possible to take Afobazole continuously (or for a long time)? How will this affect your health?

What side effects can occur in during and after the intake of Afobazole? 

Is it safe to combine Afobazole with herbal sedatives like, for example, Glycine or Persen?


Transcript of the video

Irina Lisitsyna: Afobazole is used to treat stress, depression, mood swings, and anxiety. Can it be used in the case of memory gaps and in the case of concentration problems in general? There are such reports.

MD Galushchak: First of all, I would like to explain what kind of drug it is. It is a drug that does not belong to a group of tranquilizers, it is a specific anxiolytic, which means, that it stops anxiety and panic attacks. It is used more and more by doctors recently because there has been positive feedback from patients and doctors. It is used in neurology, in narcology, psychiatry and even in general therapy, when the cardiovascular system is treated. It is even used
in pulmonology in the treatment of bronchial asthma or asthma attacks, when a person anticipates an asthma attack, and this anticipation causes a panic attack, and this panic attack leads to a sensation of suffocation. Cardiogenic pain, this anticipation of an attack of pain in the heart – also provokes anxiety, and anxiety itself intensifies these pains. Therefore, the drug is very interesting and as it treats anxiety and fear, it helps patients to improve their concentration and memory. It doesn’t directly affect memory and attention, as it is not nootropic, and it doesn’t
improve memorization, but, given that anxiety and fear are gone, the body, the memory and the brain focus better on those things. But in the end enhanced memorization is the main result: people notice that when they are taking the drug, panic and anxiety is reduced and as a result their memorization is improved. For us, doctors, this is very useful, because we treat several symptoms at the same time.

IL: But patients who want or are already prescribed this drug should be warned that there is no quick result: it has a cumulative effect. The indications say that the maximum concentration of the substance will be achieved after 4 weeks of use. But people want to have the most effective result at once, therefore, having taken these pills for two or three days, they then simply stop taking it as they consider it ineffective.

MD Galushchak: Yes, there some drugs in medicine, that don’t take effect straight away. We are used to the situation where people want this immediate effect, especially when we are talking about anxious and phobic states that are in general really tormenting, and they can last for months and even years. We say to patients that they need to wait just a little, the drug will begin to act gradually, from the inside, and you will feel that you achieved some kind of balance, your state is not better but it is not worse either, and in the end you’ll feel like it’s gone. You just need a bit of patience.
We prepare our patients for this when we prescribe the drug. Again, the main thing is that this drug is not toxic, and it is indeed a unique drug, because it has very few side effects, so it can be used for a long time, not only for a month and a half, but also we can prescribe it sometimes up to three months so as to treat all the symptoms, that were previously associated with particular attacks where they seem to be decreasing, but the fear remains. This must be treated, but this takes time to make sure the person is convinced that all those situations he was afraid of, will never came back. This is why this drug is in high demand, and it is also one of the most harmless drugs.

IL: So, you can’t become addicted to Afobazole?

MD Galushchak: No, there is no addiction.

IL: And how long does the effect last for after the end of the course of treatment? As we know the effect is cumulative.

MD Galushchak: Well, the effect does not manifest rapidly, and after stopping the intake it will cease in a week or two. Therefore, if the patient takes Afobazole for one and a half to two months, or for two to three months, if necessary, this should be enough time for the doctors to cope with all the main symptoms of the disorder that they are treating: it can be a somatoform disorder, or neurological disorder, sometimes it can even be an anxious state associated with stuttering or associated with dysautonomia (vegetative-vascular dystonia). This is the time when the patient should in general feel the therapeutic effect.

IL: And how many courses of Afobazol a year can be administered and how long should the breaks between these courses should be?

MD Galushchak .: As a rule, it is recommended to administer the medication twice a year. It means, it is prescribed during periods of exacerbation: if we are talking about somatoform disorders, then this is autumn and spring. If this is a panic attack, then the drug should be taken on the eve of some important or troubling events: on the eve of a trip, or some changes, or before an exam. We administer this drug so the patient can calmly face these events. This is a kind of a preventive treatment. As a rule, the course of treatment is administered twice, rarely three times a year.

IL: You said that you can be treated for a maximum of three months.

MD Galushchak: Yes. It is better not to go further, because some people, when they feel the effect, do not want to stop at what has already been achieved and they continue to take it further, fearing that if they stop taking Afobazole, then all anxious states will return.

MD Galushchak: Well, in medicine when we talk about addiction, then what we are talking about?

First of all, we don’t want to form addiction. And when a person takes drugs for more than three months, it’s not a drug addiction that forms, it’s a habit of taking drugs in general, the so-called (pills-mania) extensive use of medication. This means that the patient needs to take something to feel confident, he is addicted to drug intake in general. And we, on the contrary, want to reduce the dosage and lead the patient to the state when he does not need mediaction at all. He should feel healthy without taking pills and medication, so doctors, psychotherapists, and narcologists are trying to avoid this, or at least we administer another replacement drug so that there is no addiction to this particular drug. Or maybe sometimes we administer a drug manufactured in a different form: either it's herbal tea or herbal medicinal products. We want to change the form of the substance that causes the patients dependency and the psychological craving.

IL: If we talk about the side effects of Afobazole, then there are reports of tremors, dyspnea, heart palpitations. What is the reason for this?

MD Galushchak: In general, this is connected to the dopamine system, to the brain in general, there are people who are sensitive to this, but these symptoms disappear as soon as we reduce the dose.

We also observe the patient individually, first of all, we want to know his subjective sensations and physical manifestations - pulse, blood pressure, heart rhythm. But the main thing is his mental condition, because it is important for us in psychotherapy, in psychiatry. We want the patient to have a feeling of comfort and happiness without taking any psychoactive substances.
Therefore, when patients experience anxiety or fear, we need to treat these conditions, so the patient can be socially adapted and would not be focused on these sensations. Then we replace his dependency on the drug with other methods: this is physiotherapy, this is psychotherapy, breathing techniques, it’s not all about medication. We are now talking about a drug that is widely used, is low-toxicity, but it is still a chemical drug. Imagine this: a dose of 10 milligrams, this is one tablet, and it affects all our 70 or 80 kilograms of weight! That is quite an aggressive substance, so sooner or later patients are prepared for the fact that we will reduce the dosage and we’ll gradually teach them to live without any medication.

IL: Can I take Afobazole with sedative drugs? With Glycine or Persen, for example.

MD Galushchak: Yes, you can. Persen is a plant-based drug, a sedative, Glycine is an amino acid: its action, which strengthens and calms the nervous system, makes you resistant to stress. That is a complex therapy. In complex therapy, the usage of that drug is harmless, it is a drug that also acts for a long time, which means that to have an effect then one must take it for a long time. Many people say "Doctor, I take Glycine and nothing happens!" But this is because it is a drug that works over time, when you take it regularly. You will then feel calmer and more confident; the brain will work better. It can be combined with Afobazole, and it does not interfere its action, on the contrary, the two drugs can be applied in a complex therapy.

April 12, 2018


Cosmonautics Day 🚀

​Image is taken from the Vesti Kultura website.

Hey there, Cosmonauts! 

Russia celebrates Cosmonautics Day today. On this exact date 57 years ago Yuri Gagarin has became the first human in space. You may also know this holiday as International Day of Human Space Flight. 

But no matter how we call it, it will still remain one the most important days in the history of m​ankind. Not only it has opened new frontiers in space exploration and science, but also indirectly stimulated development of nootropics. Many of them has been initiall​y developed to be used by the cosmonauts as a way of preparing for the space missions and improving their capabilities. 

We wish all of you happy Cosmonautics day! 

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March 30, 2018

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Russian post is hitting a new slow 🐌

Dear Cosmonauts, 

Many of you know that the Russian Post has been working rather bad over the last half a year. The main problem is that number of parcels are getting stuck at one of the export facilities of the Russian post. 

Unfortunately, according to their support, there is nothing can be done and we all just have to deal with it. And pray that the parcel will not just chill in the export facility for several weeks waiting to be shipped out of Russia.

With that in mind, we had to increase the period after which we offer refund or reshipment to 31 day from the fulfillment date (previously was 25 days).

We are totally not happy that we had to make such decision, but no other options are available to us right now. We too miss good old days when all parcels were delivered to our customers within two-three weeks interval and hope that the Russian Post will sort this out eventually. 

We are currently searching for the alternative shipping options, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us at support@cosmicnootropic.com. 

Best regards, 
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March 15, 2018


New series of videos on our channel! Nootropics reviews from the practicing MD

 Hey there, cosmonauts! 

We are starting up new series of weekly videos on nootropics and how to use them properly.

Our new series with professional opinions on different nootropics is rolling out today! 

When launching this store three years ago we wanted to promote safer and more appropriate usage of brand name nootropics using all the info directly from the healthcare professionals. And we have been working in that direction ever since.

The content on on-label usage of nootropics is rather scare and videos with professional recommendations in English are pretty much non-existent.  So recently, we've contacted Russian medical website Polismed.com and decided to translate and dub some of their interviews with the practicing MDs on nootropics and how to use them. 

The first video is already online! Come check it out on our YouTube channel! The topic is one of our top sellers - Phenotropil! 


Next videos will be added to the dedicated playlist.

The review is given by the doctor-psychotherapist of the highest category with the years of practice, Candidate of Medical Sciences: Galushchak Alexander Vasilievich

We are also making a post on Reddit about this new series and would be nice if you can give your opinion on the video there on r/nootropics

We hope  that you will find new valuable info on nootropics in these videos.

Best regards, 
CosmicNootropic Team 🚀

March 11, 2018


Alternative Recovery Methods

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Hey there, cosmonauts! 

Today we have the blog post by one of our customers, who explores the field of alternative recovery and addiction treatment methods. We feel like some of our clients might be interested in this kind of stuff, so here you go! There is also the link to the Kimberly's work-in-progress book on the topic in the end of the post! 

Alternative Recovery Methods

Alternative recovery methods are becoming increasingly popular and gaining awareness in the health community. While research still needs to be done on these methods, their use could help a person become more relaxed and receptive to growth. Here are a few things to take into account when deciding whether or not to implement alternative addiction treatments into your recovery plan.

Psychology Today lists “acupuncture, energy psychology, equine-assisted therapy, neurofeedback, psychodrama, Reiki, somatic experiencing, and massage therapy” among some holistic approaches of the future. There are also nutrition-based treatments that focus on taking the proper vitamins, minerals, proteins, and healthy fats instead of using sugar and caffeine as a crutch to temporarily relieve the negative side effects of withdrawal. Meditation, hypnosis, positive imagery, yoga, the practice of mindfulness, aroma therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, nature therapy, and art therapy are also options available for consideration in terms of one’s self-health.

It is not surprising that some of these practices could be a beneficial addition to traditional methods, even increasing the chances of a full recovery. However, they could pose harm if administered poorly or relied on as a stand-alone cure. Therefore, you should be careful when evaluating the place or people responsible for providing these services. In fact, many of these holistic therapies can be done from the comfort of your own home, so instead of seeking costly outside help, give them a try first.

Additionally, if AA and its 12-step structure aren’t appealing to you, there are now a diverse amount of groups out there that focus on specific beliefs and cultural values you may find more useful. For example, there are women-led groups as well as secular ones. Either way, it’s important you find a support group where you feel understood and where you can safely share your experiences, as well as benefit from communicating with others.

If nothing else, some of the natural remedies, often considered alternative, could provide a level of spiritual healing in that they often reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. For example, being in nature, listening to music, or appreciating art provides the mind with positive distractions.

According to the University of Minnesota, “Mind-body practices are techniques you can use to enhance the mind’s positive impact on the body—and vice versa.” If engaging in these activities allows you to express yourself and even boost your self-esteem, it could go a long way to help you regulate your mood and reduce your cravings.

Pet therapy, for example, could also instill a sense of newfound purpose, self-control, responsibility, and trust. Additionally, physical exercise offers a natural high and a way to release emotions by blowing off steam. Surrounding yourself with such nurturing ideologies will likely reduce feelings of alienation. While these concepts help you in recovery, you should also pursue professional treatment to deal with your chemical dependency, and detox in a safe and scientifically proven way.

When exploring alternative options, remember to be honest with yourself about your triggers and coping mechanisms. Everyone is different and may not experience the same results. However, you owe it to yourself to heal in a way that feels the most authentic to you. The road to recovery is difficult, but with the right tools and plan in place, you can grow and become the best version of yourself.



Kimberly Hayes enjoys writing about health and wellness and created PublicHealthAlert.info to help keep the public informed about the latest developments in popular health issues and concerns. In addition to studying to become a crisis intervention counselor, Kimberly is hard at work on her new book, which discusses the ins and outs of alternative addiction treatments.

February 13, 2018


New drug sheets transmission 📡

Hey there, cosmonauts 🚀

We've received a new data transmission form the command center with a bunch of official drug sheets for our products. 🛰️

They are all now uploaded 📡 to our 'Instructions' page.  Come check them out! 

 We've added instructions for the following products this time

Please, be responsible and check instructions on our website before taking any nootropic supplement.  

We want to remind you that following official information is the only way to safely perform any kind of therapy with any kind of medication. Don't take a chance following recommendations from the random people on the internet. Just visit our 'Instructions' page and consider all necessary precautions.

Best regards,
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January 09, 2018


New SkQ1 products: key to eternal youth or not?

We all are afraid of ageing and, at least subconsciously, we all would want to slow it down. That's why we use cosmetics and plastic surgery. That's also why we eat healthy, do sports, take vitamins and dietary supplements.

For centuries scientists have been racking their brains over the possibility to control the mechanisms underlying the ageing process. How many examples of "elixirs of youth" and "elixirs of immortality" can we count throughout our history? But unfortunately until now all this was just an invention of charlatans or incorrigible romantics.

Today, the science has made a huge step up with regards to lengevity. Although no one talks about immortality and eternal youth these days, but the postulate, that ageing is a fatal process that cannot be prevented is no longer an axiom. More and more researchers agree that, in fact, a human body is designed for 120-150 years of life, and aging is nothing more than an integral complex of disorders and specific age-related diseases that can and should be fought off. One of the scientists that have devoted his carrier to ageing was Vladimir Skulachev, an outstanding Russian biochemist, who have been working on the creation of a tool, which would improve the life quality and life expectancy. It is he, who proved the existence of so-called mitochondrial electricity in the 70's and he, who is, by far, one of the most quoted biochemists in the world press.

Academician Skulachev supports the hypothesis that one of the main causes of aging is nothing more than a slow self-poisoning of the body. The fact is that the mitochondria in our cells produce free radicals that cause a lot of damage to these cells and, as time goes,  these free radicals activate the cell self-destruction program. Thus, if one neutralizes free radicals within the mitochondria, the aging program can be slowed down. Years-long investigations allowed the Skulachev`s research group to develop a mitochondrial antioxidant SkQ, Skulachev's Quinone, based on plastoquinone (a substance extracted from the most oxygenated place in the wild - chloroplast of the plants). SkQ accumulates in mitochondria, captures and neutralizes free radicals right at the site of their formation. Due to these unique properties the effectiveness of the SkQ antioxidant is 1000 times greater than that of the other well-known antioxidants, including famous coenzyme Q10. As a result, SkQ is able to prevent, slow down or even reverse the development of many aging signs, including age-related diseases. No one promises to double life expectancy, but certain things are already real, some of which are an approximately 10% life extension (mainly due to the reduction in middle-age mortality), improvement of life quality and an escape from the age-related conditions of body organs.  



More than 300 people from 40 organizations around the world have been taking part in the Skulachev Project, including Academicians, Nobel Prize winners and Ph.Ds from the leading scientific and medical centers in Russia, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Austria, Israel, USA, Canada and Australia. The products are approved for use in Russia and also passed a number of clinical trials before the US FDA, which is very hard for a non-US company. Their work has already resulted in 4 products based on SkQ molecules: eye drops "Visomitin", rejuvenating serum "Mitovitan", anti-aging concentrate "MitoVitan Active" and regenerating cream-gel "Exomitin". The pills for oral administration "Plastomitin" with a system-wide action are under development.

The official website of the SkQ-project is here.  We are happy to be one of the first cross-border vendors of this product line. Want to try? 




Visomitin® (eye-drops)

Exomitin® (regenerating antioxidant hydrogel)  MitoVitan Active® (mitochondrial antioxidant concentrate) MitoVitan®  (anti-aging serum)


So, who knows, maybe age is just a number printed in the ID card, nothing more?  And what do you think? :)

Live long! 

CosmicNootropic Team



January 02, 2018


Original Drug Sheets For Nootropics And Why They Matter

The wrong choice or administration of the medicine will not have the desired effect (as a minimum), or can lead to sad results (as a maximum).

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that a person picks up a drug only from the perspective of Internet articles and customer reviews, and completely forgets about the main source of information - the official instruction. 
Different indications for use, contraindications, side effects, interaction with other drugs, dosage regimen...
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January 01, 2018

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Good news from Australian Customs! 🇦🇺

Happy New Year everyone! 

Good news for our mates in Australia!

One of our customers contacted us with some valuable info from the Australian Border Force. In short, one of our parcels has been opened for a random check and the Border Force didn't find anything suspicious. This is official confirmation that nootropics can be imported to Australia without any problems or risks.

See the message for yourself! 

The opened parcel contained variety of nootropics, including liquid supplement and different pills. Here is the  full list:

  • Noopept
  • Grandaxin
  • Phenotropil
  • Afobazole
  • Selank
  • Nootropil
  • Picamilon
  • Stresam
  • Phenibut
  • Nooclerin
  • Neurobion


We also now have exactly same shipping rates to Australia and New Zeland as to the rest of the world! So come check our products out! Cheers! 

Sincerely yours,

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December 25, 2017


🎄 Winter Holidays at CosmicNootropic 🎅

Dear nootropic enthusiasts,

Our team wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and express words of gratitude for your continued support. We value your business,  and will need it in the future in order to implement some of our projects for the benefit of the nootropic community and all people who are indifferent about appropriate usage of nootropics and pharmaceuticals in general.  

Please note that our last shipment in this year will be on the 26th of December.

The next shipment will be on the 4th of January. (All orders paid after the 26th of December will be shipped on this day) 

After the 8th of January, the normal shipping schedule will be resumed.

In the meantime you can still pay for your orders.

Happy Holidays!