Message to our future partners, competitors and customers

Just today our old customer emailed us saying that he was approached by another Russian nootropics website owner, who offered him better terms. We googled and we have found a new nootropic website and a launch post on Reddit.

We are extremely flattered by the choice of pictures, descriptions, texts and even how this person formulated his launch post... We like that the work of cosmicnootropic is being copied, as it means that somebody appreciates it.

The competition is a very good and healthy thing but stealing the work of other people is not a healthy competition; it is a mere stealing. This is common sense that is shared by both Google and domain providers.

Dear competitors, instead of copy/pasting this website you could spend time on creating something new - that would be a lot better for the community. And this is what we are suggesting to you here. There is so much more that we can do together. Currently our team has a few projects under development and we need more people to work on them.

So, if you are willing to do something valuable for the nootropic community or for people outside of the community who can still benefit from these products, don't hesitate to email us at There is very little information in English regarding using nootropics for people with ADHD, TBI, strokes, addictions, and other conditions; this is a sad thing.

Thank you,

CosmicNootropic team

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