Save when buying from CosmicNootropic

We are always happy to see how new customers arrive, but we are happy even more when the new customers become regular ones. 

We frequnetly get asked if there are any discounts active or how can one save a bit of money and still receive our goods ans services. There are a few ways, actually:

1) If you are just about to make your first order, use the code WELCOME, and the 10% discount is yours!
2) We also have discounts for our usual customers, and special discounts for large orders. So if you want to get a personal deal and has been buying from us for a while, just drop us an email and we will see what can be arranged.
3) For all cryptocurrency payments we offer additional 10% discount on top of the one applied at the checkout! 
4) We offer free shipping for orders above 100 USD 🚀
5) We are rather flexible with our pricing and understand that some of our customers want to order several packs of the same product at once. If it is your case, use volume discount options and save 10-15%. And also some time with shipping! 
6) If you’ve already bought from us, you can leave a review of our service and products on our website or here, on the Facebook, and get a chance to win one of two 100 USD coupons! We reguallry raffle them out on our Youtube channel! 
7) And don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, to know about special seasonal or holiday promotions first! 


With all of these opportunities stacked you will be saving around 25-30% off any order, which will probably be one of the lowest prices on the market! 

See you in our store! 

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