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Hey there everyone!

We are finally setting up within-US shipping with our 3pl partner ShipBob.
This means that all our US customers won't have an option to save a lot of time, getting their products from inside the country.

Shipping times for this option should usually vary between 3 and 7 days for different parts of the US (instead of 15-30 days if we are shipping from Russia).
The warehouse of our partner is located in LA, so the shipping to the locations in the California and nearby states should be the fastest.

To use this opportunity search our products for the /US DOMESTIC SHIPPING/ tag in the size options. Here is an example of how it should look to you:

Just select the tagged option and add a product to your shopping cart in a normal fashion.
Proceed to finalize your order and pay for your order as usual. There is no need to select any special shipping option and the shipping rates themselves are the same.
From this point your order will be passed to our fulfillment partner. It is as simple as that.

However, there are several things you need to remember, when placing such order:

  • Not all the products in our shop are dispatched from the US. Look for the /US DOMESTIC SHIPPING/ tag in the size options of the product. You can find the full list in our blog.

Currently the list of products with the US domestic shipping option only includes:

  • Actovegin 50 pills
  • Actovegin 5 ml
  • Afobazole
  • Cerebrolysin 5 ml
  • Cerebrolysin 10 ml
  • Cortexin
  • Mexidol 50 pills
  • Mildronate 40 pills
  • Mildronate 60 pills
  • Phenibut (Russia)
  • Phenibut (Latvia)
  • Phenotropil 10 pills
  • Phenotropil 30 pills
  • Noopept


  • If your order contains other items as well, only part of it will be fulfilled by our US partners. The other part will be shipped from Russia via regular mail. We strongly recommend to avoid this.
  • Prices are slightly higher for the US shipping items. The reason is that it is expensive for us to set up and keep our products in the US.

If there is a significant demand for this option, we promise to set everything up properly and continuously expand product range available for within-US shipping.

There will always be an option to order from our warehouse in Russia, but be advised that shipping times are much higher and there were several instances of the parcels getting stuck in the shipping process.

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Cosmic Support
Cosmic Support

June 28, 2018

Hi Andre,

Thank you for your support and for the kind words! This why we did it.

As for now we are testing this to see if there is enough demand for this option because it is pretty costly and hard for us… If there is enough demand we will add more products. If there is even more demand we might consider organising temperature controlled shipments and storage conditions because that is what is needed if we ever decide to ship Semax and Selank domestically.



June 28, 2018

I think this is great, thank you. Would you consider expanding the range to include Semax and Selank? Thank you, -andre

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