August 06, 2018


New SkQ1 products: key to eternal youth or not?

We all are afraid of ageing and, at least subconsciously, we all would want to slow it down. That's why we use cosmetics and plastic surgery. That's also why we eat healthy, do sports, take vitamins and dietary supplements.

For centuries scientists have been racking their brains over the possibility to control the mechanisms underlying the ageing process. How many examples of "elixirs of youth" and "elixirs of immortality" can we count throughout our history? But unfortunately until now all this was just an invention of charlatans or incorrigible romantics.

Today, the science has made a huge step up with regards to lengevity. Although no one talks about immortality and eternal youth these days, but the postulate, that ageing is a fatal process that cannot be prevented is no longer an axiom. More and more researchers agree that, in fact, a human body is designed for 120-150 years of life, and aging is nothing more than an integral complex of disorders and specific age-related diseases that can and should be fought off. One of the scientists that have devoted his carrier to ageing was Vladimir Skulachev, an outstanding Russian biochemist, who have been working on the creation of a tool, which would improve the life quality and life expectancy. It is he, who proved the existence of so-called mitochondrial electricity in the 70's and he, who is, by far, one of the most quoted biochemists in the world press.

Academician Skulachev supports the hypothesis that one of the main causes of aging is nothing more than a slow self-poisoning of the body. The fact is that the mitochondria in our cells produce free radicals that cause a lot of damage to these cells and, as time goes,  these free radicals activate the cell self-destruction program. Thus, if one neutralizes free radicals within the mitochondria, the aging program can be slowed down. Years-long investigations allowed the Skulachev`s research group to develop a mitochondrial antioxidant SkQ, Skulachev's Quinone, based on plastoquinone (a substance extracted from the most oxygenated place in the wild - chloroplast of the plants). SkQ accumulates in mitochondria, captures and neutralizes free radicals right at the site of their formation. Due to these unique properties the effectiveness of the SkQ antioxidant is 1000 times greater than that of the other well-known antioxidants, including famous coenzyme Q10. As a result, SkQ is able to prevent, slow down or even reverse the development of many aging signs, including age-related diseases. No one promises to double life expectancy, but certain things are already real, some of which are an approximately 10% life extension (mainly due to the reduction in middle-age mortality), improvement of life quality and an escape from the age-related conditions of body organs.  



More than 300 people from 40 organizations around the world have been taking part in the Skulachev Project, including Academicians, Nobel Prize winners and Ph.Ds from the leading scientific and medical centers in Russia, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Austria, Israel, USA, Canada and Australia. The products are approved for use in Russia and also passed a number of clinical trials before the US FDA, which is very hard for a non-US company. Their work has already resulted in 4 products based on SkQ molecules: eye drops "Visomitin", rejuvenating serum "Mitovitan", anti-aging concentrate "MitoVitan Active" and regenerating cream-gel "Exomitin". The pills for oral administration "Plastomitin" with a system-wide action are under development.

The official website of the SkQ-project is here.  We are happy to be one of the first cross-border vendors of this product line. Want to try? 




Visomitin® (eye-drops)

Exomitin® (regenerating antioxidant hydrogel)  MitoVitan Active® (mitochondrial antioxidant concentrate) MitoVitan®  (anti-aging serum)


So, who knows, maybe age is just a number printed in the ID card, nothing more?  And what do you think? :)

Live long! 

CosmicNootropic Team



August 06, 2018


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August 06, 2018


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