August 06, 2018


Supplements and Alternative Recovery Methods

There are many ways to help ourselves other than┬ánootropics. The field of alternative recovery and addiction treatment is a large one and our customer wanted to┬ásay a few things about it. View full article →
August 06, 2018


10% discount on all payments with cryptocurrencies for nootrpics

We offer┬áautomatic 10% discount┬áon all payments with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin included). Just order nootropics from us and the discount will be applied automatically on the payment page. View full article →
August 04, 2018


Picamilon - how universal is it?

Picamilon is one of the most popular nootropics and can be used for treaing a variety of conditions, including autism, ADHD, alcohol and drugs withdrawal symptoms and others.

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July 21, 2018


Phenibut - both calming and stimulating?

How is this nootropic used to treat ADHD? View full article →
June 25, 2018


Doctor's review of Adaptol [Mebicarum]

Adaptol [Mebicarum] - medical indications for usage, contraindications, side effects, analogues. View full article →
June 16, 2018


Neuro-Stimulants and nootropics as a treatment for autism [Cortexin and Cerebrolysin]

The qualified MD from the previous videos is talking about how Autism may be treated Neurostimulants and nootropics. View full article →
June 07, 2018


Phenylpiracetam video review from practicing MD

We believe that valid information about nootropics has not been more important than now because many people who want to try a new supplement do not know much about side effects, indications, dosages, contraindications and other important things that one has to know before taking a pharmaceutical product. View full article →
June 01, 2018


Afobazole - a new mild anxiolytic with nootropic properties and unnoticable side effects

Afobazole is a relatively new product that has been increasingly popular in Russia and in the FSU countries.┬áPeople feel nootropic and anxiolytic effects after finishing a course of Afobazole. View full article →
May 25, 2018


Pay for nootropics with Visa or Mastercard!

Paying for nootropics┬áis now super easy!┬á You can now pay for any brain supplement on our website with your Visa or MasterCard, just as for any other product online.┬á View full article →
April 30, 2018


Changes in shipping options for the nootropic supplements and May holidays in Russia

International shipping of nootropics is a difficult because only few┬ápostal services agree to ship pharmaceuticals and supplements. Since UPS, DHL and other services refuse doing this we had to work with Russia Post, which has been very unreliable. View full article →