July 14, 2017


Ladasten ® 🚀

Dear Cosmonauts 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀,



We can happily inform you that we are moderately stocked up on Ladasten® again and ready for your purchases.

To our knowledge, Ladasten  is not being discontinued by the producer, however several major Russian pharma chains have had supply problems with it. Unfortunately, these problems are likely to continue in the future but we will try our best to have Ladasten in stock for those customers who really need it. Please know that due to the limited availability, we had to slightly raise the prices.

However, to counteract this we also added a standard delivery option for the time being, which is only 9 USD for orders above 30 USD. 📦

Thank you for your patronage,

CosmicNootropic Team






February 12, 2017


Harsh Market Economy is taking its toll.

Morning Comrades,

Unfortunately, the uncivilised capitalist economy is dictating us its own terms.

From the moment when we opened Cosmicnootropic.com the value of one US Dollar dropped about 25% against Russian mighty currency (RUB). Despite this, we did not change most of our prices and strived to offer our products even when our margins declined.

Unfortunately, such situation cannot go on indefinitely and we will have to raise our prices soon just to be in the business.

If you were planning to make some orders, now it is the time, as the prices will be raised soon.









November 29, 2016


Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor

Evening comrades, Lev from CosmicNootropic.
I’ve got abit bored here in the space shuttle , so I made a blog post about BDNF.

It’s been observed more and more by users of BDNF increasing noots - a decrease in depression and anxiety symptoms.
One of the hypothesis’s about serotenergic anti depressants is that the decrease in symptoms are actually due to Neuro genesis and increase in BDNF.
Our Russian fathers developed abit of an arsenal of noots that increase bdnf.
So for the love of the mother land, here is BDNF for you

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June 08, 2016


Greetings to our customers from China!

首先,感谢你们每一位的支持。要是没有这个社区这个平台,我创立益智类药品商店的想法就不会实现。你们帮助我充分了解了各国及各地海关、时间、及花费对物流的影响。我同样从你们每个人那儿收到了货款 View full article →
May 25, 2016


Customer's review "Mildronate: Russian Anti-Ischemic Outperforms Expectations!"

If you are an avid pro tennis enthusiast, then the name Maria Sharapova is probably a household name. Recently, she came under scrutiny for her use of Mildronate as a performance enhancing agent. View full article →
April 12, 2016


International Cosmonautics Day & Discounts

It has been exactly 51 years, since the first man crossed the outer space. I believe it might be interesting for the community to know what compounds soviet cosmonauts used during their space flights and also what the origins of nootropics are, as seen from behind the iron curtain. View full article →