January 01, 2018


Good news from Australian Customs! 🇦🇺

Happy New Year everyone! 

Good news for our mates in Australia!

One of our customers contacted us with some valuable info from the Australian Border Force. In short, one of our parcels has been opened for a random check and the Border Force didn't find anything suspicious. This is official confirmation that nootropics can be imported to Australia without any problems or risks.

See the message for yourself! 

The opened parcel contained variety of nootropics, including liquid supplement and different pills. Here is the  full list:

  • Noopept
  • Grandaxin
  • Phenotropil
  • Afobazole
  • Selank
  • Nootropil
  • Picamilon
  • Stresam
  • Phenibut
  • Nooclerin
  • Neurobion


We also now have exactly same shipping rates to Australia and New Zeland as to the rest of the world! So come check our products out! Cheers! 

Sincerely yours,

CosmicNootropic Team 🛰️

December 25, 2017


🎄 Winter Holidays at CosmicNootropic 🎅

Dear nootropic enthusiasts,

Our team wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and express words of gratitude for your continued support. We value your business,  and will need it in the future in order to implement some of our projects for the benefit of the nootropic community and all people who are indifferent about appropriate usage of nootropics and pharmaceuticals in general.  

Please note that our last shipment in this year will be on the 26th of December.

The next shipment will be on the 4th of January. (All orders paid after the 26th of December will be shipped on this day) 

After the 8th of January, the normal shipping schedule will be resumed.

In the meantime you can still pay for your orders.

Happy Holidays!


December 17, 2017


🌿 🌷Herbal Adaptogens: Aralia Mandshurica, Siberian Ginseng, Leuzea, Ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea, and Schisandra Chinensis 🎄 🌷

In making your choice between natural and laboratory-synthesized supplements what will you take into account above all? For sure you will try to find balance between healing effect and possible risks. Any drug in practice has the potential to cause unwanted effects, but still natural compounds typically pose a much lower risk. Except reduced risk of side effects, natural remedies could be even more effective in dealing with protracted chronic conditions and have a positive influence on the entire organism, which means that the body’s natural healing process for treating various diseases will be activated.

The same is applicable to nootropics: if you’re interested in the idea of “smart drugs” but want (or have a reason) to avoid synthetic products, there are many outstanding all-natural options to enhance physical&mental work capacity, increase resistance to stress and improve memory without disturbing normal biological functions.

Many herbs we now recognize as natural nootropics date back millennia. They have not only withstood the test of time but also the competition from pharmaceutical products. Researchers still continue to learn the unique mechanisms of phytoremedies action that enable those herbs to be effectively used as cognitive enhancers. A lot of such healing plants grow in the area of majestic Siberia and especially the Altay Region, known for its abundant plant diversity and centuries-long traditional herbalism practices. By the way, cognitive enhancement properties of most of the nootropic herbs were clinically-proved: reportedly in 1960s soviet cosmonauts were prescribed brain herb extract as a mood-enhancer to help them withstand their physically and mentally demanding missions. Since that time natural supplements have been gaining in popularity among sportsmen all over the world as their usage helps to enhance physical work capacity and maintain general health during long, draining training sessions. These remedies can act just as effective as their lab-produced equivalents but they don`t harm the health and aren`t considered to be dope.

Although each phytonootropic can improve mental & physical performance and serve as a powerful source of natural health, different herbs have slightly different benefits and action emphases. Thus, it is possible to choose the one (or a set) that matches your symptoms and goals the best. Another helpful aspect is a variety of accessible dosage forms: pills, capsules, liquid extracts, tinctures (it’s no secret that correct selection of dosage form is already halfway to success).

All the pharmaceutical-grade herbal nootropics and adaptogen tinctures are 100% natural, organic, non-GMO, and have track records of reliability for a broad audience:





Below is the picture of Altai region, from which some of these products have been sourced.

 Altai Herbs

Please note that some of the herbal nootropics sold in Russian market are considered supplements, while others considered pharmaceutical drugs. Here you will find only products that are regulated as a drugs and are tested for the presence of an active ingredient, unlike supplements. The products here are also come in the form of tinctures, which means that they are likely to have higher bioavailability due to ethanol presence.


December 16, 2017


How to Buy Nootropics in the UK 🇬🇧

We have all heard about the UK nootropics ban. There are many posts and questions on Reddit r/nootropics about getting these products in the UK and whether they are still legal. In this post I wanted to share a few insights about how to get these products when living in the Great Britain.

First of all, it is necessary to point out that it is absolutely legal to import nootropics to the UK for personal use. They are not scheduled substances and as such they can be safely imported. Nootropics are not allowed for sale in the territory of the UK but this is another story.

Another question about importing nootropics in the UK is the UK import duty and whether people have to pay it. When I lived in the UK, I also imported some staff for personal consumption and had to pay this very weird duty and very much disliked it. That is why we now mark all our parcels to the UK as gifts with the value less than 30 GBP so that you can receive your order hassle-free and not worry about paying the duty.

Last but not the least, our parcels to the UK are going very smoothly and standard delivery (Regular Airmail) for 5 USD is a great option for those whose shipping destination is the UK. 


 Thank you for choosing CosmicNootropic as your supplier of quality nootropics and food supplements. 






December 09, 2017


Monthly Raffles

Hey there Nootropic Cosmonauts! 🚀

In the beginning of September this year we've decided to start rewarding our contributors for the reviews left on our site. And the way of doing that, is holding a raffle on 15th of each month. Each time we give out two 100 USD coupons on everything in our store.

All our raffles are streamed (and then saved) on our YouTube channel. You can check all the past broadcasts whenever you want! Over the last three months we had 24 participants and we will be happy to see this number growing in the following months. 

Why are the reviews  so important? 

Your opinion about our store is really important, both for us and for all nootropics enthusiasts. Listening to you helps us to improve our service and product range, so we can deliver even better experience to everyone.

Your feedback also gives valuable information to other customers, who are interested in nootropics. Information on nootropics and their usage is rather limited, so each personal experience may help someone else to chose the right supplement for them. 

All reviewed are welcome. Positive or negative - it is your experience and we value it.

So, you might be thinking, how do I participate in the raffle? The whole process is really simple:

  1. Make a purchase in our store.
  2. Leave your general feedback or feedback on a certain product. We don't have any specific format for the reviews, so just share your thoughts! 
  3. Be sure to specify your e-mail. We won't disclose it, but it is needed to contact you before and after the raffle.

You are in! Now you have to wait till the date of the raffle. We usually send the exact time of the broadcast to all the participants several days prior. 

Hope to see you in our next raffle and good luck! 

Sincerely yours,

CosmicNootropic Team 🛰️

P.S. You should totally subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have a lot of useful stuff coming up in the 2018! 😉


November 20, 2017


November Shipping Issues and How We Have Handled Them

Soyuz 1 Cargo Spacecraft

Hey there Nootropic Cosmonauts! 

November has been rather challenging for us. Apart from managing many ongoing improvements of the store, we were also struck by Russian Post issues. And, unfortunately, some of you experienced this yourself. Although the postal service is outside of our reach, please accept our apologies for not meeting your expectations. 

So, what has happened and how we addressed this?

Around mid October we found that shipping time for many orders has increased a lot because several parcels were stuck in Russia. For instance, the one on the picture was traveling in circles, visiting same sorting centers over and over again. 

We reshipped all stuck orders or made refunds in BTC, as it is our policy. We also decided to dig deeper and contacted both Russian Post and the Customs. The problem was the unclear regulations regarding export shipping on behalf of the business. As this is sorted out now, we hope that it will not happen again. 

By now, all stuck orders have been reshipped. In total, we've reshipped 35 parcels and most of them have already reached our clients. Several of the orders were reshipped even twice. More on our delivery and reship or refund policy here.

We also want to inform you that right now it may (or may not) take several extra days for a parcel to reach you, as Russian post is undergoing reorganisation. We also had to increase our shipping time for the time being. In case you think that your parcel is stuck, don't hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to sort out this problem with you by either reshipping or  refunding your order in full. Please know that we value our customers and try to meet their expectations the way we can.

Sincerely yours,

CosmicNootropic Team

September 29, 2017


Message to our future partners, competitors and customers

Just today our old customer emailed us saying that he was approached by another Russian nootropics website owner, who offered him better terms. We googled and we have found a new nootropic website and a launch post on Reddit.

We are extremely flattered by the choice of pictures, descriptions, texts and even how this person formulated his launch post... We like that the work of cosmicnootropic is being copied, as it means that somebody appreciates it.

The competition is a very good and healthy thing but stealing the work of other people is not a healthy competition; it is a mere stealing. This is common sense that is shared by both Google and domain providers.

Dear competitors, instead of copy/pasting this website you could spend time on creating something new - that would be a lot better for the community. And this is what we are suggesting to you here. There is so much more that we can do together. Currently our team has a few projects under development and we need more people to work on them.

So, if you are willing to do something valuable for the nootropic community or for people outside of the community who can still benefit from these products, don't hesitate to email us at support@cosmicnootropic.com. There is very little information in English regarding using nootropics for people with ADHD, TBI, strokes, addictions, and other conditions; this is a sad thing.

Thank you,

CosmicNootropic team

July 15, 2017


Cerebrolysin® ⭐️ 🌟


We respect all our customers, including those, who do not take us at the face value and keep asking questions about the authenticity of our products and various proofs. One time, a customer of us asked us a question, why he had seen two versions of Cerebrolysin®, and why the holograms on Cerebrolysin® look like Chinese characters when pealed of. We also found some other people who asked similar questions on LongeCity and R/nootropics.  

Fortunately for him there was an answer even to this question on one of Russian forums.

You can either put this link to Google Translate or read our translation below.

Why pharmacies sell Cerebrolysin in different packages, with either Ebewe Neuro Pharma or EVER Neuro Pharma listed as a manufacturer on the package? Are they different?

  • At the end of 2008, the company “Ebewe Pharma Ges. m.b.H Nfg. KG” was reorganized. The company department that was specialized on neurological drugs, became a daughter company “EBEWE Neuro Pharma GmbH”. In 2010, the company “EBEWE Neuro Pharma GmbH” was renamed to “EVER Neuro Pharma GmbH”. And because the shelf life of this drug in ampoules is 5 years, you can see that both the old and the new packages are on sale. Therefore, Cerebrolysin in both packages is the same drug from the same manufacturer, manufactured in the same facility. New packages of Cerebrolysin with the name of the company “EVER Neuro Pharma” looks like this. Since the company has changed its name, the changes were made on the logo and the manufacturer's name in the package insert, on the label and the package, every component of the package where “EBEWE” were mentioned. The text on the blister pack and the hologram also were changed:

EBEWE Neuro Pharma

  • Carton packages (ampoules) sealed with two holograms.

The silver homogeneous background of the hologram contains: coat of arms of Austria on the left side (lined with a thin line), with the serial number of the hologram below, on the right side – the image of the head, with the name of the drug “cerebrolysin” below, in the middle – the logo of the EBEWE company (4 times), around the EBEWE logo – dual text CEREBROLYSIN MADE IN AUSTRIA. The hologram may peel off with the surface layer of a carton box. Chinese characters-like gaps may appear on the hologram, and the Chinese characters-like pieces of hologram should remain on the box. The hologram cannot be glued back again; it can’t be delaminated; it stays undamaged if scratched or pressed.

EVER Neuro pharma

  • The silver homogeneous background of the hologram contains: the logo of the Ever Neuro pharma company and the company name on the left side, with the serial number of the hologram below, on the right side – the image of the head, with the name of the drug “cerebrolysin” below, a curved vertical line that contains repeated text EVER NeuroPharma divides the hologram into two parts. The hologram may peel off with the surface layer of a carton box. Chinese characters-like gaps may appear on the hologram, and the Chinese characters-like pieces of hologram should remain on the box. The hologram cannot be glued back again; it can’t be delaminated; it stays undamaged if scratched or pressed.

Please know that at this shop you can always expect to find the most information on the products, as well the quality products themselves. We source only from the largest and most trustworthy pharmacy chains right in Moscow. These suppliers have all the necessary certificates.

The majority of our products are produced according to international GMP standards and have been extensively tested for years. You will never find this level of safety by looking for your nootropics elsewhere. 


Thank you and stay tuned for more updates,

Your CosmicNootropic Team


July 14, 2017


Ladasten ® 🚀

Dear Cosmonauts 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀,



We can happily inform you that we are moderately stocked up on Ladasten® again and ready for your purchases.

To our knowledge, Ladasten  is not being discontinued by the producer, however several major Russian pharma chains have had supply problems with it. Unfortunately, these problems are likely to continue in the future but we will try our best to have Ladasten in stock for those customers who really need it. Please know that due to the limited availability, we had to slightly raise the prices.

However, to counteract this we also added a standard delivery option for the time being, which is only 9 USD for orders above 30 USD. 📦

Thank you for your patronage,

CosmicNootropic Team






February 12, 2017


Harsh Market Economy is taking its toll.

Morning Comrades,

Unfortunately, the uncivilised capitalist economy is dictating us its own terms.

From the moment when we opened Cosmicnootropic.com the value of one US Dollar dropped about 25% against Russian mighty currency (RUB). Despite this, we did not change most of our prices and strived to offer our products even when our margins declined.

Unfortunately, such situation cannot go on indefinitely and we will have to raise our prices soon just to be in the business.

If you were planning to make some orders, now it is the time, as the prices will be raised soon.