Buy Nootropics With Discount If Paying With Crypto

We are happy to announce that we offer an automatic 10% discount on all payments with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin included): just buy nootropics from us and the discount will be applied automatically on the payment page.

The reason is simple. Even though the card payments are a bit more convenient, it is easier and safe for us to process orders in Bitcoin. On top of that, such payments for brain supplements are actually direct and do not include any third parties, even banks. Therefore we want to incentify our customers who are willing to pay with cryptocurrencies.

To get nootropics with a discount, just complete your order by choosing the Bitcoin option (if you want to pay with another cryptocurrency you will be able to choose it later). Once you hit the ‘Complete order’ button you will be redirected to our cryptocurrency payment page and the 10% discount will be automatically applied. Read in details on our payment page!

Another great thing about this payment method is that you can still use your other discounts at the same time. The discounts will sum up. This also applies to all special promotions and nootropics sales in our store.

It’s pretty easy with our video guide!

Happy shopping!

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