Clinical Trials of Visomitin Eye Drops Have Launched

3rd phase of clinical trials of eye drops Visomitin launched in the US. This is the unique case when the medicine created in Russia reached the final stage of testing in the United States. After this, the drug can be approved by FDA.

A record of the beginning of this clinical study (it is called VISTA-1) appeared in the international registry of clinical studies of the US National Institute of Health.

The trials began in the hospitals located in Man, Massachusetts, California, Tenessee, North Carolina, and some other states. It’s going to include about 500 volunteer patients suffering from dry eye syndrome. The main task of the test is to confirm the previously obtained data that SkQ1 accelerates the healing of corneal injuries arising from this disease, helps alleviate unpleasant sensations in the eyes and increases the resistance of patients’ eyes to conditions of too dry air. The latter parameter will be assessed using the special system Ora CAE® (Controlled Adverse Environment), developed by the Ora, American company specializing in testing ophthalmic preparations. The system allows simulating the stress conditions in which a patient with “dry eye syndrome” periodically falls. In special mobile stations of the Ora company (on the photo), there are installations that allow to strictly control the humidity, temperature and air flow force in which the patient is located, as well as to perform visual test tasks. Mobile stations will move from one state to another and provide field testing.

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