ENERION ® [Sulbutiamine]

Dosage and administration

Enerion ® should be taken following meals. The normal daily dose is 400 mg - 600 mg: 200 mg - 400 mg twice daily (morning and afternoon).

Side Effects

Side effects occur very rarely, with the most common being increased irritability and hyperkinesia (excessive abnormal movements).


Transient agitation and tremor.

Country of Manufacture: France

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Synthesised first by Japanese researchers, Sulbutiamine is a modified thiamine (vitamin B1), that can easily cross blood-brain barrier. In the brain it eventually produces both GABA and acetylcholine, thus affecting adaptability, mood and focus. 

Official indications for Sulbutiamine use include:

  • Symptomatic treatment of asthenic disorders
  • Hypo - and - avitaminoses
  • Lingering illnesses
  • After surgical interventions

One pack of Enerion® contains 20 or 60 pills, each containing 200 Mg of the active ingredient, which is sufficient for an average of 10 days of supplementation.

Country of Manufacture: France

Type: Nootropics