MitoVitan® Active (Skulachev Ions | SKQ1 anti-aging concentrate)

Administrations: combine MitoVitan Active with other cosmetic products. Mix a few drops of concentrate with your cream, gel, toner, milk, etc. immediately before applying (see “Proportions”). You can use any of your basic cosmetic products for face (including the area around the eyes), body and head. MitoVitan Active can be used continually or with a three-months courses. For external use only.


For thick cosmetic products: mix one or two drops of MitoVitan Active with one ml (one measuring Mito-spoon) of your cosmetic product (serum / cream / oil). Stir the mixture thoroughly in a Mito-jar until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Apply.

For liquid cosmetic products: mix 10 ml (1/2 of the Mito-vial) of your cosmetic product with 10 drops of MitoVitan Active. Shake the closed Mito-vial thoroughly for 20 seconds until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Apply.

Attention: it is not recommended to combine the concentrate with alkaline (including slightly alkaline) cosmetic products (pH>7), because the SkQ1 molecule is the least stable in this medium. It refers to, for example, ordinary shampoos. In such cases, it is recommended to add MitoVitan Active to hair balm (which usually has a pH below 7), or to use a shampoo labeled as pH neutral or pH corresponding to an acidic medium.

Important: to achieve the best results, it is recommended to use the obtained substance straight after mixing up. If it is impossible, store the prepared mixture for no longer than two weeks (except for mixtures with cosmetic oils – do not keep them).

Ingredients: purified water, propylenglycol, plastoquinonil-decyl-triphenyl-phosphonium bromide (SkQ1), lactic acid.

Shelf life: 24 months. After the vial is opened, store at most 2 months at a temperature of 15-25 ° C in the dark place. Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.

Country of Origin: Russia

MitoVitan Active or SKQ1 (Skulachev Ions) mitochondrial antioxidant concentrate.

MitoVitan Active is an aging intervention concentrate based on innovative directional antioxidant SkQ1 (Skulachev's Quinone). In contrast to the common nondirectional antioxidants “Skulachev Ions” are sent directly to the mitochondria and reduce the free radicals activity at the cellular level, therefore interrupting the aging program. Due to its unique properties the effectiveness of the SkQ1 is 1000 times greater than that of the other well-known antioxidants, including famous coenzyme Q10.

The essential advantage of MitoVitan Active concentrate is a personal approach. Every person is unique, each of us has different skin type and therefore we need different skin care. Thus, just take your favourite cream, serum or any other remedy, add several drops of MitoVitan Active, and here you are: you get your own cosmetic line!  

MitoVitan Active in available in two formats:

  • Solo (one 8 ml vial of the concentrate),
  • Set (two 8 ml vials of the concentrate; Mito-jar and Mito-spoon for use with thick cosmetic means, and Mito- vial for creating compositions with liquid cosmetic products).

Type: Anti-aging