Bioregulators & Peptides

As you know, proteins are the building material of any living organism. Proteins consist of various amino acids. Peptides are compounds consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain. The products here include both usual peptide products like Cerebrolysin, Semax, Selank, Cortexin, Thymalin and oral peptide supplements.

Unlike the former products, oral peptides are considered supplements because they have not undergone the stages of clinical trials and cannot be prescribed by doctors. The manufacturer, the Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontologycalls them bio-regulators and explains that a significant part of the active ingredient gets into the blood stream because of its enteric coating i.e. coating that prevents the peptides dissolution in the gastric environment.

They have not been marketed as a stand-alone drugs but rather as a side-effect free supplements for longevity purposes.

The products in this group fall into three major branches: 

1) Cytamins - the components for these products are obtained through the process of purification of different respective organs of cattle and are essentially a complex of various proteins and nucleoproteins. These products are cheaper and can be bought in pharmacies. 

2) Cytomaxes - the components for these products are low-molecular peptide fractions that are isolated using a new technology from different organs and tissues of animals. They are the most expensive and they are the ones that are usually bought by our customers.

3) Cytogens - are synthetic peptides that have 3 amino acids. They have been developed based on the analysis of polypeptide amino acid chains that were found in different tissues and organs of animals. In other words, these products are essentially synthesised peptides that are responsible for the effect of cytomaxes and other peptides. These products are the ones that have been researched the most by Professor Vladimir Khavinson and his colleagues. There are a number of studies on these products that can be found both in Russian and in English, though the exact reliability of these studies remains unknown.

In other words, we cannot vouch for the efficacy of these products because of the fact that there have been no independent serious clinical trials but we have several customers, who have been buying them for more than 2 years.