MitoVitan® Active (Skulachev Ions | SKQ1 anti-aging concentrate)

Dosage and Administration

The MitoVitan Active concentrate has to be used in combination with other cosmetics.

The concentrate can be used continuously or in a course. The recommended course of treatment lasts for three months.

Recipe No. 1 for cosmetics with a thick consistency

As a base, use any of your primary face and body skin-care products (including products for the area around the eyes).

Mix one or two drops of MitoVitan Active with one milliliter (measured with the mixing spoon) of your cosmetic product (cream, gel, tonic, milk, etc.). Stir the mixture thoroughly in the mixing jar until you get a uniform consistency.

Apply the resulting mixture lightly tapping your fingers along the massage lines of your cleansed face and neck to relax the muscles and normalize the blood circulation.

For convenience, the mixture can be prepared in a larger volume, but based on the same ratio - 1-2 drops of MitoVitan Active per one mixing spoon.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to store the mixture for no more than two weeks.

Recipe No. 2 for liquid cosmetics

As a base, use any of your preferred products for the face, body and hair care.

Mix 10 ml (1/2 volume of the mixing bottle) of your cosmetic product with 10 drops of MitoVitan Active. Shake the sealed mixing bottle thoroughly for 20 seconds until a uniform consistency is achieved.

Apply the resulting mixture as told in the recommendations for the use of your base product.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to store the mixture for no more than two weeks (except for the mixtures with cosmetic oils).


MitoVitan Active is water-based, so it may be difficult to mix it with a cosmetic oil. In this case, it is recommended to shake the mixture vigorously right before applying it to the skin.

As a result, small bubbles of the concentrate will appear in the cosmetic oil, which should be applied to the skin as quickly as possible. Storage of the resulting mixture is not recommended.

Вo not combinine the concentrate with alkaline cosmetics (with pH value is above 7) - for example, with shampoos or liquid soaps. In this case, we recommend adding MitoVitan Active to hair balm or shampoos and soaps marked with a neutral pH or pH below 7.

Shelf life: 24 months. After the vial is opened, store at most 2 months at a temperature of 15-25 ° C in the dark place. Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.

Country of Origin: Russia

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MitoVitan Active or SKQ1 (Skulachev Ions) mitochondrial antioxidant concentrate.

MitoVitan Active (Skulachev ions, SkQ1 Anti-Aging concentrate) contains the SkQ1 antioxidant, which is the world's first registered antioxidant targeting mitochondria.

The mitochondria are the place where skin-damaging free radicals are formed. SkQ1 is able to enter and accumulate directly inside them, which makes it a thousand times more potent and effective than coenzyme Q10.

There it neutralizes the excess of free radicals and thus interrupts the aging process at the intracellular level.

The essential advantage of MitoVitan Active concentrate is a personal approach. Every person is unique, each of us has different skin type and therefore we need different skin care. Thus, just take your favourite cream, serum or any other remedy, add several drops of MitoVitan Active, and here you are: you get your own cosmetic line!  

Composition: Purified water; Glycerol; Plastoquinonildecyltriphenyl-phosphonium Bromide (SkQ1); Lactic acid.

MitoVitan Active in available in two formats:

  • Solo (one 8 ml vial of the concentrate),
  • Set (two 8 ml vials of the concentrate; Mito-jar and Mito-spoon for use with thick cosmetic means, and Mito- vial for creating compositions with liquid cosmetic products).

 Main Uses

  • Slows down the aging process;
  • Improves the overall skin condition;
  • Restores the skin elasticity;
  • Smoothes wrinkles.


  • Individual intolerance to the ingredients.

Type: Anti-aging