Direction to use

1–2 capsules two to three times daily, 30 minutes before meals. Duration: 1 month. Repeat every 3–6 months.

Country of Manufacture: Russia

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Each box contains 60 tablets; each tablet has 20 Mg of the active ingredient

Cytomaxes are natural peptides designed to optimize the functions of the main systems of the body, derived from the thymus, brain cortex, pineal gland, prostate, liver and other organs that have a pronounced regulatory effect on the processes of protein biosynthesis in cells of similar tissues.

CERLUTEN is a peptide bioregulator used to protect, restore and improve the functions of the central nervous system and the brain. It helps regulate the central nervous system by selectively interacting with different cells of the nervous system and brain tissues. The drug is efficient in prevention of nervous system dysfunction and various pathological states that can lead to serious diseases. Note: one of the most popular.

ENDOLUTEN is a peptide bioregulator derived from the epiphysis of young animals. Endoluten is developed to recover viability of epiphysis cells, to regulate all the cyclic process in the body, to prevent the risk of cancer development, to normalize the functions of the neuroendocrine system. It is used to treat and prevent infertility in men and women, diseases of the reproductive system and other disorders caused by the impairments of the neuroendocrine system. Note: one of the most popular.

TESTOLUTEN is a natural peptide complex extracted from the testicles of young calves. It regulates the metabolism and functions of testicular cells and increases the sperm functional activity and motility. It is recommended in case of the testicular hypofunction, male infertility, low testosterone, after exposure to radiation and other noxious agents and also for elderly men to maintain the health of their reproductive system.

LIBIDON is a peptide bioregulator extracted from the prostate gland of young calves. It has beneficial effects on the prostate tissue by regulating its function and metabolism. Libidon is recommended as a preventive measure for men to maintain the health of their reproductive system and as an addition to the conventional treatment of all prostate related diseases like benign prostatic hyperplasia, chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, ect.

GLANDOKORT is a peptide bioregulator extracted from the adrenal gland of young animals aimed at regulating the function of the adrenal glands and maintaining hormonal synthesis at optimum level to prevent adrenal insufficiency. The supplement can reduce stress resistance, atony, apathy, malfunction of adaptive mechanisms. Glandokort is also recommended†for elderly people to support their adrenal glands and endocrine system.

CHELOHART is a peptide bioregulator extracted from the cardiac muscle of young animals. It interacts directly with the proteins associated with the heart to help support the function of the cardiovascular system. Chelohart stimulates protein synthesis by interacting directly with DNA strands. It has a beneficial effects on the myocardial cells by regulating metabolism in cardiomyocytes.

Country of Manufacture: Russia

Type: Nootropics