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In this category you will find some of the most popular products in our store:

1) Cerebrolysin - a very safe peptide-based injection drug that can be used for a very wide range of cases.

2) Semax - a very safe drug that can be used for a wide range for cases both in healthy individuals for a minor cognitive improvement and in those suffering from strokes, TBI and various brain dysfunctions.

3) Mildronate - a famous cardioprotective drug that is officially prescribed for a very wide range of purposes ranging from cardio protection in both professional athletes and elderly to asthenia and fatigue and emotional lability.  

4) Visomitin -a brand-new SKQ1 product based on a unique method of delivering the most powerful antioxidant directly into cells. It has finished Stage 2 clinical trials in the United States and is now in the 3rd stage of clinical trials i.e. it is being tested on patients in various US hospitals.

5) Noopept - a very well-known peptide drug developed in Russia in 1992 that became popular in the West a couple of years ago. This is original drug with doses of 10 mg per pill.