CosmicNootropic Affiliate Program

CosmicNootropic strives to spread awareness about the unique properties of pharmacy-grade supplements and non-scheduled pharmaceutical products originating from the former Soviet Union countries.

We will be very happy to establish mutually beneficial long-lasting affiliate relationships with content-driven websites and influencers. We are searching for people who believe in the potential of factory-produced pharmaceutical products and who regularly publish unique and interesting content. The focus of your platform should be related to any of the following topics: medicinal research, longevity, neurology, psychiatry, sports supplements, and health.

Depending on your focus and the methods for attracting customers, we can offer 8–15% commission of the paid order total.

Some information about

  • We have been delivering quality service for over 4 years already.
  • We have thousands of repetitive customers from the US, the UK, Australia, EU countries and 38 other countries.
  • We have collected tons of positive feedback on r/nootropics (1, 2, 3), our FaceBook page, Trustpilot, our website feedback section and on many other websites (1, 2, 3)
  • We have a repetitive customer rate of more than 50%, which means that the vast majority of our customers come back to us again. Some of them have been buying from us since the establishment of our business and placed dozens of orders.
  • We ship from the US warehouse for a speedy delivery of our bestsellers and from our Moscow warehouse for all other products. 90%+ orders are shipped within one day upon receiving the payment.
  • We have fully translated into English a vast majority of products and have FDA-compliant labeling on the items we ship from US.
  • We provide reliable and unique information about the products we offer, so our customers can make informed decisions when it comes to their health. The information includes original professionally translated drug sheets, selected research papers on each product, practical and comprehensive product descriptions based on different information sources available in languages other than English.
  • We have a YouTube channel, where we dub video reviews of nootropics made by a medical specialist with extensive academic background and years of practice.
  • Of course, we offer a full delivery and refund guarantee, so our customers do not need to worry about the customs or postal issues.

Some information about products of

  • We only sell supplements and non-scheduled pharmaceutical products that are available from large and reputable pharmaceutical distributors in post-Soviet countries.
  • Our products have passed all three stages of clinical trials at least in one country. In other words, they were shown to be safe and to provide reasonable efficiency, contrary to most OTC supplements and research compounds sold locally in the US. We never sell peptides or other products of unverifiable purity and quality. Our products have been produced by a government-certified facilities from approved raw materials. Most of the factories we source from meet US and EU GMP requirements.
  • We mostly sell unique products originating from the USSR and not the ones that are already available in the US. These products are only rX quality.
  • These products have been used by millions of people in post-Soviet countries. And, in many cases, have been extensively researched with dozens of scientific articles available on PubMed.

All you have to do to become our affiliate is to click the button below and fill out a short form with information about yourself and your social network platform, or website.

Thank you for your interest and see you on board!

CosmicNootropic team

CosmicNootropic now has the dropshipping program! 

If you think that affiliate program is not for you and want to build your business selling nootropics through your own channel, we will be happy to discuss it!

Just fill in the form below and we will get back to you to discuss the details.

We will consider all applications, but preferably you should have personal experience with nootropics and have access to markets that we cannot cover ourselves.