CosmicNootropic Affiliate Program

CosmicNootropic was created to fill the void between common prescription medications with side effects and beautifully designed but untested supplements of dubious origin.

Since 2015 we have been giving access to supplements and pharmaceutical products that are novel to the western public but have decades of scientific research behind them.

To date we have had more than 30 000 customers from all over the world, with 60% of sales coming from repetitive customers. The reason for people to come back again is the guaranteed quality, ease of use and confirmed safety of our products. All this significantly raises life-time value of each sale and explains the reasons why our affiliates choose us over others. Because of repetitive sales our affiliates now earn up to 3000 usd monthly. If we accept you as our affiliate we will provide all the useful materials to you and inform you about our marketing campaigns.

Depending on your focus and the methods for attracting customers/followers, we can offer 10–15% commission of the paid order total as well as discounts for your customers of up to 10% 💰

Additional information about

  • We have fully translated FDA-compliant labeling on the items that we ship both from and to the US. We do our best to add to but not substitute for the medical advice and established medical practices in the US and elsewhere.
  • We provide reliable and unique information about the products that we offer. Thus our customers can make informed decisions when it comes to their health. The information includes original professionally translated drug sheets, selected research papers on products, and free-for-download science books on mental health and cognition.
  • We have a YouTube channel, where we dub video reviews of nootropics made by medical specialists with extensive academic background and years of practice as well as do our own video reviews based on the unique information that we have access to.
  • Of course, we offer comprehensive Delivery and Refund guarantees. It means that in most cases your affiliate customers will not need to worry about the customs or postal issues.
  • We only sell supplements and non-scheduled pharmaceutical products obtained from large and reputable pharmaceutical distributors in post-Soviet countries including Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Latvia.
  • Our products have passed all three stages of clinical trials in at least one country. In other words, they were shown to be safe and provide reasonable efficiency, contrary to some supplements and research compounds sold locally in the US. We never sell powder of unverifiable purity and quality. Our products have been produced by government-certified facilities from approved raw materials. Most of the factories we source from meet the US and EU GMP requirements. In each product page you can find relevant studies published on PubMed.

*** Please contact us via email if you want to discuss drop shipping: [email protected]