Cosmonautics Day 🚀

​Image is taken from the Vesti Kultura website.

Hey there, Cosmonauts! 

Russia celebrates Cosmonautics Day today. On this exact date 57 years ago Yuri Gagarin has became the first human in space. You may also know this holiday as International Day of Human Space Flight. 

But no matter how we call it, it will still remain one the most important days in the history of m​ankind. Not only it has opened new frontiers in space exploration and science, but also indirectly stimulated development of nootropics. Many of them has been initiall​y developed to be used by the cosmonauts as a way of preparing for the space missions and improving their capabilities. 

We wish all of you happy Cosmonautics day! 

Yours truly, 

CosmicNootropic team 🚀

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