First Month

It has been one month since our store was launched. One month that was full of interesting experiences.

It is good to start with the moment when we pressed the button and our launch post on Reddit r/nootropics appeared. Although we knew that interest for nootropics is huge, we were still pleasantly surprised to see that the website received more than 800 visitors over first 24 hours; this, however, had made us preoccupied with replying to our dear customers and correcting typos.

We also learnt that our customers come from different countries: Austria, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Japan, Israel, Belgien and Switzerland with the majority being from the US. Nevertheless, the first month was also marked with one  complication, as some of our US parcels were stuck in the airport for more than two weeks despite all our efforts. Fortunately for everyone, this problem happened to be short-lived, as it was caused by poor work of the post over Christmas and New Year Holidays. The upside of it was that 2 of our customers received two parcels instead of one, as we had decided to sent replacement orders.


– Now we ship to more countries;

– Now you can order 5 units of one supplement, up from 3;

– We received first reviews of our products;

– You can see the prices in your currency now.

Meet our CEO:

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