How can I help Ukraine? – Complete the Survey!

Once again we want to stress that we stand for peace ☮️! We also think that it’s important to buy from a company that shares your values. Besides, we urge you to realize that it’s not only the war between Russia and Ukraine. It’s also a global media war, which is covering what is in the national interest of every country involved. And spreading hatred is not the best option to stop it. 

What we can do is take actual steps to help the victims of these military actions – regular citizens… Cosmic Nootropic will donate 10% of its profits over this month to Ukrainian victims of this brutal conflict that was caused by Vladimir Putin and his associates. 

There are several organizations that are collecting money to support Ukrainians suffering from the war. We’ve chosen five that are most frequently mentioned on Reddit and media. Personally, we’re inclined to pick this one It was founded by one of the activists from the Pussy Riot and it accepts donations in cryptocurrency. All proceedings of this project will be donated directly to For us, it is the safest and most direct way to donate. We will stay anonymous from the Russian government and give money to the Ukrainian organization. This method is also more secure now because it’s highly probable that Russia can be shut off from SWIFT payments any time soon. BUT YOU HAVE THE FINAL WORD! Participate in the survey and select the organization through which you want us to donate:

We’re also open to your suggestions! You can type in your options in the survey. But please bear in mind that it must not be connected with raising money for military combat. This goes against our principles. And it may be perceived as treason against the state by the Russian government and prosecuted, all things considered, we want to stay safe in this regard.

P.S. We also want to delve deeper into the research made by Ukrainian scientists and share it with the world. We will prepare a special post about Ukrainian scientific developments of nootropics and anxiolytics. 

So stay in touch and most importantly stay safe and healthy!


Cosmic Nootropic team

  1. Leo 06/03/2022 am31 09:34 AM Reply

    Thank you for standing in solidarity with Ukrainians. Russians and Ukrainians are brothers. You are a great company and I look forward buying from you in the future.

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