Information About Anti-Anxiety Category

It’s no secret that psychological health is the key to physical well-being. In the modern world stress concerns each of us without exception. It cannot be avoided, unfortunately, but it can be managed. Most of the products that you can find in this selection have been extensively used in Russia and in the FSU countries for many years. They passed all three stages of clinical trials and can therefore be used for the treatment of anxiety problems such as irritability, bad feelings, nervousness, social anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, anger, etc.

Check out the products of this category:

Selank is a very safe peptide anxiolytic with a mild stress-relieving action. It is used intranasally and also has a positive effect on a brain function. [drops for intranasal administration]
Afobazole is a popular otc anxiolytic that is routinelly used in people suffering from anxiety. [pills]
Magne B6 is used to normalise magnesium levels that are important for the nervous system function. [pills]
Phenibut is a stronger anxiolytic that should be used cautiosly. When used in moderation and for a limited duration it can very efficiently decrease social anxiety and increase motivation without causing unwanting drowsiness. [pills]
Mexidol is an effective anxiolytic with stress-protective effects. [pills, injection]
Picamilon is an anxiolytic that helps deliver Niacin (Vitamin B3) and GABA in the brain. It has a wide range of effects including nootropic, anxiolytic, adaptogen and antioxidant. [pills, injection]
Grandaxin is a non-sedating anxiolytic drug with a mild psycostimulant action. It should be used cautiously due to a big list of pharmaceuticals that it cointeracts with. [pills]
Stresam is a non-sedating anxiolytic drug that was shown to have a direct and indirect effect GABA-A receptors. It is used to treat psychosomatic manifestations of anxiety. [pills]
Ethoxidol [Ethylmethylhydroxypyridine Malate] – combination drug that inhibits free radical processes and has antioxidant, membrane-protective, anti-hypoxic, nootropic, anti-convulsant, anxiolytic and stress-protective effect. [pills]

For those, who prefer completely natural ways of regaining internal peace, it is useful to look at the following:

  • Tricardin [Valerian, Hawthorn, Motherwort]
  • Persen [Pepermint, Lemon Balm, Rhizome Extracts, Valeriana Roots]
  • Lotosonic [Indian Lotus Seed Powder, Dioscorea Root Powder, Chinese Thuja Seed Extract, Jujube Seed Powder, Longan Fruit Extract, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Erythrina Variegata Leaf Extract]

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