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In this section you will find products that have been shown to reduce cravings for addictive substances such as nicotine and alcohol. These pharmaceuticals have the potential to significantly alleviate withdrawal symptoms and make the quitting process easier.

For alleviating nicotine cravings: 

Tabex [Cytisine] is a very effective plant-based smoking cessation drug that has been used for 40 years in the Eastern Europe; Cytisine, the active component, has a strong binding affinity for the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor which explains its effects. [pills]
Adaptol is a less known anxiolytic with nootropic properties that was found to be effective in alleviating nicotine withdrawal symptoms. [pills]

For alleviating alcohol cravings

Glutargine Alkoclean [Arginine Glutamate] is is a drug based on arginine and glutamic acids that are intended to increase metabolism; this stimulates alcohol processing in the liver monooxygenase system and ethanol detoxication. [pills]
Mexidol is an effective nootropic and antioxidant that is capable of alleviating symptoms of alcohol intoxication by eliminating toxins. [pills, injection]
Biotredin [L-threonine, Vitamin B6] is a drug that improves metabolism. It can reduce alcohol cravings but it should not be used right after alcohol intoxication. [pills]
Hypoxen was shown to speed up detoxication process and alleviate alcohol withdrawal symptoms. [pills]
Picamilon can be prescribed to alleviate symptoms of alcohol withdrawal at doses of 100 – 150 mg per day for one week. [pills, injection]
Demoxytocin is analoguos to the human oxytocin. Oxytocin is very well researched hormone, which was shown to significantly reduce compulsive behaviour as well as cravings towards sweets, fat foods, nicotine and alcohol apart from many other effects. [pills, injection]
Heptor [S-adenosyl Methionine] is one of the most powerful hepatoprotectors that can also be used in case of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. [pills]
Tiolepta [Alpha-lipoic Acid or Thioctic Acid] has hepatoprotective, lipid-lowering, hypocholesterolemic and hypoglycemic properties. [pills]
Metadoxil is a medicine designed to restore and maintain healthy liver. The drug helps to prevent many diseases and negative consequences associated with the regular intake of alcohol. [pills, ampules]

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