We’re finally introducing a really useful function on our website: meet WAITLISTS!

Have you ever been in a situation when you want to order something in CosmicNootropic, but it’s out of stock again? We guess it happens pretty often for those who want to arrange the US domestic shipping. We usually get a lot of messages with questions like “When is going to be in stock again?” and quite often we can’t give a really strong answer because it doesn’t depend on us, unfortunately. Also, our customers ask us to let them know when their product is back in stock. We would love to let it know to everyone who is interested! That’s why since now you can join a waitlist for any product which is out of stock at the moment! When it’s back, you’ll get an automated message, so you’ll never miss what you need!

How to use waitlists? On the product page, just click the button JOIN WAITLIST right below the “Out of stock” message! See the example with Cerebrolysin

After that, you should enter your email. If you’re logged in already, you don’t need to do anything else!

Please note that this is not a reservation of the product: Unfortunately, it’s not possible, at least yet. 


By the way, you may not really need this feature in the nearest time. Because our US warehouse is being replenished steadily right now! The shipments arrive much better now, and a lot of parcels shipped from Russia a long time ago have finally delivered to the storage. So we need your help with the warehouse unloading! Check our store for the products available for the US domestic shipping 😉

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