For our foreign customers:

We strive to provide people with the accurate medical information regarding on-label use of various supplements of Russian origin.

We have agreements with Russian medical community about use of their educational videos available on their channel, as well as agreements with MDs that are specialized in prescribing these products to patients for the treatment of various conditions.

All products that you can find here have continuous critical supervision according to the latest orders of Roszdravnadzor (Russian Health Monitoring Agency) and are stored according to the instruction of the producers.

Most of the products that are available on the website can be bought in the US already. Other products have only been added because of substantial evidence of their efficacy, which has even been noted by the FDA in some cases.

All our medical products have undergone three stages of clinical trials and have a long history of use.

To the US Citizens. Please note that you are only allowed to import 3 moth supply of the particular product and only for personal use. Upon your request we can add an informational leaflet that might be helpful in an extremely rare cases if your parcel is taken for an inspection by the US customs or FDA.

The products that are shipped to the US have an FDA-compliant labeling in English. We inform all our US customers that the products on this website have not been approved by the US FDA and should not be considered or prescribed by healthcare professionals in the territory of the US unless there are life-threatening medical conditions.

Stay Safe and Maximize Benefits,
Yours forever,


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