We’re currently having some issues with restocking our US warehouse because there are problems between the US customs and Turkish airlines that bear the cargo services for majority of our parcels.

It means that, unfortunately, some of the most popular products might turn to be out of stock for a certain period of time: from one to three months according to our estimates. Namely Piracetam, Cerebrolysin, Phenibut, Semax, Picamilon and some others.

Following these current limitations, we’ll temporarily have to:

  • Cancel bulk discounts for the products. By doing this we want to make sure that as many of you as possible can get at least some of your favorite products for the time being.
  • Increase delivery terms for orders from Russia and Kazakhstan. It will now take about 6-8 weeks and cost 40USD. Refund and Reshipment policy is updated accordingly.
  • Suspend the shipment of perishable products such as Semax and Visomitin to the US warehouse.

Please do not scream out curses. We’re already handling the problem. As soon as we make sure the stable logistics is back on track the terms will be restored.

We’ll keep you updated on the good news.


CosmicNootropic team

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