Neuro-Stimulants And Nootropics As A Treatment For Autism [Cortexin and Cerebrolysin]

We got a new educational video on our channel: the qualified MD from the previous videos is talking about how Autism may be treated with Neurostimulants and nootropics. Come check it out!

Autism is a serious condition that may change the life of the individual completely. Even though there are treatment methods for it, the discussion on their effectiveness still continues. In the video below you may find one of the ways how this issue can be addressed.

Below you can find the transcript of the video

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1. 0:13 Neuro-stimulants as a treatment for autism: methylphenidate, fenfluramine.
2. 1:20 Cortexin and Cerebrolysin for dealing with autism.
3. 2:20 Nootropics as a medication for autism: Pantogam.

Interviewer: Irina Lisitsyna

Psychotherapist: Galushchak Alexander Vasilyevich MD

This information is for reference purposes only. Please consult your physician before using any medications.

Neurostimulators, as well as neuroleptics, help with nervousness. When they are prescribed? And how are they different from neuroleptics? Do medicines such as Cortexin and Cerebrolysin help with speech development in cases of autism? Is it possible to treat autism without nootropics?

Irina Lisitsyna: What’s the difference between neurostimulators and neuroleptics and when are they prescribed? Because both of them are prescribed to eliminate nervousness and irritability in cases of autism.

Galushchak Alexander Vasilyevich: Well, neurostimulators are medicines that improve and strengthen brain function. They are cognitive-enhancing drugs that improve speech development, socialization, and mood. These medicines are prescribed when we feel the efficiency of a treatment or rehabilitation plan suddenly has slowed down and the expected effect is not being achieved. Though, in general, psychotherapists and psychiatrists say that we shouldn’t put a lot of pressure on a child’s development, and should accept them the way they are. But at the same time, we should expect some improvement while setting realistic goals. It’s painstaking labor, but if we are convinced that our treatment and rehabilitation strategy is well planned, and we’re putting in the work— yet the child isn’t responding well, we may include a course of these medicines: psychostimulants. These medicines we call “neurostimulators” like Metilphenibut… Methylphenidate and fenfluramine, are often used to stimulate brain activity during rehabilitation.

Irina Lisitsyna: In neurotypical children who have a delay in speech development Cortexin and Cerebrolysin are often prescribed to accelerate this process. Will those medicines help children with autism to start speaking?

Galushchak Alexander Vasilyevich: When we are deciding what is or isn’t helpful, we’re talking about the part of a complex approach which is designed to ensure that everything in a child’s development goes as planned. Therefore nootropics are part of complex treatment for children with autism. Both of those drugs, which we’ve just talked about, have biological origins. Cortexin is a drug derived from cell extracts of animal brains, which improve brain activity. This drug is Russian-made. Cerebrolysin is an older, more tested drug that is being prescribed to patients for several decades. I remember that drug; it was around when  I first started practicing medicine. It is injected and according to many years of research, it may improve brain function. It is also used in recovery therapy, in cases of intellectual and physical development delay, and after certain infections and brain injuries.

Irina Lisitsyna: So in general, because of the brain stimulation function, we can’t do without nootropics in the cases of autism?

Galushchak Alexander Vasilyevich: Yes, of course, so except for the usual drugs like Nootropil or Piracetam, drugs, which contain these extracts, can be more helpful precisely because they are extracted from the brain. They work really well and can be prescribed to children as recovery therapy in cases of autism.

Irina Lisitsyna: And what nootropics in a tablet form can be prescribed to children with autism?

Galushchak Alexander Vasilyevich: For those cases, there is a drug called Pantogam. It improves memory,  information processing, and learning ability in children. It is most effective at a young age. The dosage is prescribed according to age, and,  in addition to recovery therapy, it can improve learning and memory abilities.

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