New Antiviral Products

You might notice that viruses and the immune system are of high interest lately. And not without a reason… So we’ve prepared some new antiviral products to help your immunity to fight the enemies from outer space.


The active ingredient is meglumine acridone acetate, which is effective against not only viruses but also bacteria and fungi. Meglumine acridone acetate is an inducer of endogenous interferon, which has an antiviral, immunomodulating effect, as well as anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, and antitumor effects. Cycloferon is included in the List of Essential and Important Medicines in the Russian Federation.


The active substance, sodium deoxyribonucleate, is a biologically active substance that is obtained from specific cells of fish of the sturgeon class. This substance has a stimulating effect on immune cells (leukocytes and lymphocytes) that help the body fight infections like viruses and bacteria.


The effectiveness of Isoprinosine is achieved by inhibition of RNA in the nucleus of a bacterial microorganism. The drug is known to block enzyme bonds, inhibiting the synthesis of the virus. Some assert that it may inhibit the activity of a number of viruses (preventing them from forcing cells to synthesize their RNA) and restore the function of lymphocytes in immunosuppression.

In the modern fast-paced world full of stress and everyday challenges our immune system might become weaker. Sometimes it needs help! Fortunately, there are a lot more preparations which are used for the following purposes:

  • to normalize the immune system and prevent frequent illnesses and overall feeling of tiredness, as well as other symptoms, attributed to a weakened organism;
  • to accelerate the recovery process during illnesses by fostering body production of interferon (proteins essential for antiviral defense).

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