GMP Compliance and Quality Guarantees

When you shop at CosmicNootropic you get original, pharmacy-grade nootropics & supplements only. Be sure that everything you see on this website is TOP-quality.

Need the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) or other available supporting documents for our products? Just contact us at [email protected] and we will reply to you shortly. 

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Also, you can find documents for many other products here: Manufacturing Certificates.

Buy Nootropics with Safety and Convenience

  1. Pharmaceuticals that you buy here are sourced from official pharmaceutical distributors. They are extensively regulated and controlled at all stages of production and development.
  2. Products in the store are manufactured in strict compliance with national government standards. Most factories where nootropics are synthesized have GMP certificates and all of them are government certified.
  3. All nootropics that we offer have been extensively researched and approved in post-Soviet countries. And we source available scientific information and translate it for you, so that you could make an informed decision on the use of nootropics.

Philosophy Behind CosmicNootropic

🚀 We believe that psychological health is often neglected by people. And nootropics and supplements have the capacity to restore this life balance.

🚀 We believe that nootropics and anxiolytics are not a substitute for a healthy diet, exercise or conventional treatment. However, they can give you a certain edge when you need it and with minor if any side effects.

🚀 We believe that nootropics can improve the quality of life of both healthy people and those who have various brain disorders, e.g. TBI, ADHD, dementia, treatment-resistant depression, etc. Check out Cerebrolysin, Cortexin, or Semax 1% for more information.

🚀 We believe that smart drugs shall be treated with respect and caution just like any other drugs, no matter how mild they are. That is why we provide all the available official information about the compounds that we offer to you. 

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