November Shipping Issues and How We Have Handled Them

Soyuz 1 Cargo Spacecraft

Hey there Nootropic Cosmonauts!

November has been rather challenging for us. Apart from managing many ongoing improvements of the store, we were also struck by Russian Post issues. And, unfortunately, some of you experienced this yourself. Although the postal service is outside of our reach, please accept our apologies for not meeting your expectations.

So, what has happened and how we addressed this?

Around mid October we found that shipping time for many orders has increased a lot because several parcels were stuck in Russia. For instance, the one on the picture was traveling in circles, visiting same sorting centers over and over again.

We reshipped all stuck orders or made refunds in BTC, as it is our policy. We also decided to dig deeper and contacted both Russian Post and the Customs. The problem was the unclear regulations regarding export shipping on behalf of the business. As this is sorted out now, we hope that it will not happen again.

By now, all stuck orders have been reshipped. In total, we’ve reshipped 35 parcels and most of them have already reached our clients. Several of the orders were reshipped even twice. More on our Reshipment & Refund Policy page.

We also want to inform you that right now it may (or may not) take several extra days for a parcel to reach you, as Russian post is undergoing reorganisation. We also had to increase our shipping time for the time being. In case you think that your parcel is stuck, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to sort out this problem with you by either reshipping or  refunding your order in full. Please know that we value our customers and try to meet their expectations the way we can.

Sincerely yours,

CosmicNootropic Team

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