Your order requires payment before it can be finalized

The process of installing a bitcoin wallet, topping it up using a credit card and paying with BTC is simple and we have a detailed instructions on how to do it. In most cases you can get your bitcoins within 1 - 2 hours using your credit card.

Follow this instruction to complete your payment:

  1. Set up Bitcoin wallet (if you don't have one already):for example, go to and complete the registration procedure. Check out this video for a guide (Time: 2-3 mins). You can use other wallets if you wish.
  2. Purchase bitcoins using a credit card via our partner CoinGate (or other service of your choice): Here is the guide on how to do it (Time: 10-25 mins).
  3. When you have bitcoins in your wallet, you can use them to pay for the invoice:
    Pay for your order

    Here is the guide on how to do it (Time: 5-7 mins). 
  4. You are done! Your order will be marked as payed automatically and we will start packing your order right away!

If you have had struggles while paying or any part of this instruction is not clear to you please email us at

If you had any problems with our processing partner, CoinGate, please email our account manager: