Phenylpiracetam video review from practicing MD

We are starting up a new series of weekly videos on nootropics and how to use them properly, and here’s the first video with the doctor’s review of Phenylpiracetam.

Our new series with professional opinions on different nootropics is rolling out today!

When launching this store three years ago we wanted to promote safer and more appropriate usage of brand name nootropics using all the info directly from the healthcare professionals. And we have been working in that direction ever since.

The content on on-label usage of nootropics is rather scare and videos with professional recommendations in English are pretty much non-existent. So recently, we’ve contacted the Russian medical website and decided to translate and dub some of their interviews with the practicing MDs on nootropics and how to use them.

The first video is already online! Come check the doctor’s review of Phenylpiracetam on our YouTube channel! The topic is one of our top sellers – Phenotropil!

Next videos will be added to the dedicated playlist.

The review is given by the doctor-psychotherapist of the highest category with the years of practice, Candidate of Medical Sciences: Galushchak Alexander Vasilievich

We are also making a post on Reddit about this new series and would be nice if you can give your opinion on the video there on r/nootropics.

We hope that you will find new valuable info on nootropics in these videos.

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