• We believe that many people here are looking for nootropics because of their practical benefits and not because they are into chemistry or neuropharmacology. We want to have the ease of use, security and no questions that the nootropic compound has the highest possible degree of purity. 
  • We believe that people would prefer tablets over powder, GMP certificates of manufacturers over CoA certificates, original drug facts and guarantees over disclaimer “For research purposes only”. We also think that many people would benefit from having a translated original drug insert for the products they are consuming.
  • We believe that if a drug has been used for decades in several countries, has undergone clinical trials and has been approved, then it is a drug no matter what the FDA says; as such drugs, nootropics should be used according to all information available, even if that information is in other languages.
  • We believe that psychological health is neglected by many people nowadays, and that nootropics have the capacity to restore this balance to a certain extent.
  • We believe that nootropics are not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, but we do believe they can give you a certain edge when you need it, and without any negative consequences.
  • We know that nootropics can significantly improve the quality of life for people with various brain disorders, e.g. TBI, ADHD, Dementia, treatment-resistant depression, etc. We have clients, who ordered Cerebrolysin not for themselves but for their friends and relatives in need.
  • We believe that a molecule is neither good, nor bad. It is human thinking that draws arbitrary lines: natural is good and synthetic is bad. When we cook, we are synthesizing new chemical compounds. When we work out, our bodies synthesize new hormones. Refusing to take chemically synthesized compounds and taking only herbs is not related to being healthy. What is related to being healthy is being aware of what the effect of a drug or a herb is and taking those that promote long-term health, be it a chemically synthesized compound or a herb.


  • You will find here original nootropics produced in different countries. Our Cerebrolysin is produced in Austria, our Pramistar [Pramiracetam] is from Ukraine, our Lucetam [Piracetam] is from Hungary. Naturally, we sell USSR-made products such as Semax, Selank, Noopept, Afobazole, Cortexin and others. We also have a number of products sourced from Belarus such as Bemitil, Demoxitocine, Kasolin and some other. It appears that there are many unique nootropics that are less known in the West, although they are safer for the treatment of various brain-related issues than some of the common prescription drugs.
  • You will find here only nootropics that have been extensively researched and approved in at least several countries. You will read fascinating stories about the development of each compound, as well as gain unique information translated from other languages. Naturally, you will have access to all of the drug facts, including symptoms and side effects, etc. Most factories where our nootropics are synthesised have GMP certificates and all of them are government approved.
  • Because we are from the former Soviet Union, do not be surprised to find cheaper prices here than elsewhere. Also, we are fond of space-race history; hence, we will offer discounts on anniversaries commemorating important moments in space exploration.
  • We plan to hire an MD with year-long experience in prescribing various nootropics. This will be our contribution to the nootropic communities on Reddit and Longecity.
  • We plan to help resume production of some very popular products that were discontinued such as Ladasten.