Prices for Nootropics: Russia and the USA

What is the difference between prices for nootropics in Russia and the USA? In Russia, they are falling down! Let’s take a closer look.

Prices in the USA

Speaking about only the first half of 2019, prices for prescription drugs in the USA are grown up by more than 10%, and this is just on average. Some preparations have their prices grown-up by more than 100%! For Prozac, it’s an 879% price growth, and for some other medications, it’s more than 300%.

What are the reasons? 80% of Americans believe that there is no good reason at all. The main feature of the market is that people need medicines just to stay alive, so they have to buy these products anyway. Nevertheless, as it is said in the CBS News article, 1/3 of patients skip their doses because of high prices.

What about Russia?

Let’s see what happened with the prices within the last 2 years in Russian stores. Here we provide a comparison table with data about the prices in CosmicNootropic store (2017 vs. 2019), and in the other stores (2017 vs. 2019 also).

Product Other Stores


Other Stores







(5 ampoules x 10 ml)

from $64 from $62 $55  $55

(50 pills x 10 mg)

from $25 from $16 $20 $15
MILDRONATE ® [Meldonium]

(40 pills x 250 mg)

from $28 from $12 $19.90 $12

Moreover, let’s take into account the fact that we also have good discounts for those who order the number of medicine packs needed for the full course of treatment. So, in total, there is a quite noticeable difference!


As you may know, we added some new discounts up to 30% and reduced the price for the US domestic delivery service. Unfortunately, RUB to USD exchange rate fell by ~10% over the past six months. That’s why there may be a slight price increase of 5-10% during the month. This is still under discussion at the moment, so stay tuned!

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