Cerebrolysate injections may be rather painful. Use only after consulting your doctor

Cerebrolysate is a generic version of Cerebrolysin. It is manufactured by Belmedpreparaty, Belarus and similar to the original drug has been in the market for several decades.

The drug has similar dosage forms and the same indications for use and the way of administration as genuine Cerebrolysin from Austrian EBEWE Pharma. The chemical composition is also similar, but may significantly vary regarding tyrosine content as well as amino acid composition. Cerebrolysat from Belmedpreparaty contains 2.8 times more tyrosine than EBEWE version. It also can’t be used in patients less than 18 years of age contrary to how Austrian Cerebrolysin should be used.

It is said that it has a little bit higher risk of adverse effects than the original version; also, the drug needs a little bit shorter course of administration because it is more active.

The drug comes in two different variants: 10 ampoules x 1 Ml and 10 Ampoules x 5 Ml.

This table comparis the two similar products based upon biologically active purified porcine brain proteins. Aminoacid composition varied in the following limits in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml):

Amino Acid Composition mg/mlCerebrolysateCerebrolysin
L-lysine0.95 – 2.854.80 mg/ml – 7.20 mg/ml
L-histidine0.30-0.902.04 mg/ml – 1.56 mg/ml
L-arginine0.8 – 2.60.30 mg/ml – 1.1 mg/ml
Aspartic Acid1.0 – 2.62.40 mg/ml – 3.60 mg/ml
L-threonine0.7 – 2.10.21 mg/ml – 0.39 mg/ml
Serine/L1.35 – 3.250.21 mg/ml – 0.39 mg/ml
L-glutamic acid3.75 – 6.253.20 mg/ml – 4.80 mg/ml
L-alanine1.75 – 5.252.40 mg/ml – 3.60 mg/ml
L-proline0.7 – 1.71.60 mg/ml – 2.40 mg/ml
Glycine0.7 – 2.11.20 – 1.80
L-valine1.35 – 4.051.60 mg/ml – 2.40 mg/ml
L-methionine0.65 – 1.950.35 mg/ml – 0.65 mg/ml
L-leucine2.00 – 6.004.80 mg/ml – 7.20 mg/ml
L-phenylalanine0.5 – 1.51.60 mg/ml – 2.40 mg/ml
Isoleucine0.8 – 3.61.60 mg/ml – 2.40 mg/ml
Tyrosine0.15 – 0.65

It is important to note that prion infections have never been spotted in Belarus and the drug is completely safe in this regard.

The original information page of CEREBROLYSATE in English is here:
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