Galantamine is an alkaloid that was first isolated from Caucasian snowdrop and some other plants; nowadays, it is usually synthesised chemically. 

As with many of these drugs, the history of Galantamine started in the former Soviet Union, when M. D. Mashkovsky and his colleague published their work on the AChE-inhibiting properties of this compound. However, it should also be noted that prior to this, the plants containing Galantamine have also been used in ancient Greece and China for their memory-enhancing effects.

As of now, Galantamine is used for the treatment of a a variety conditions including the following: 

– myasthenia;

– myopathy;

– muscular dystrophy;

– sensory and motor dysfunction associated with disorders of the central nervous system.

In the Western world, Galantamine is also used off-label for creating lucid-dreaming effects.

However, this particular drug comes with many different side effects and contraindications, so please do your research prior to consumption and do never go over the recommended dose.