REFERAN ® [Aniracetam]

Dosage and administration

If you would like to see the official doses, please refer to the drug facts sheet located in each package. The doses are 600 mg once or twice per day.

Side effects

Side effects occur rarely, with the most common being dry mouth, nausea, pain in the upper stomach, dizziness and psychomotor agitation.


There were no reported cases of overdose. To find out more:

Country of Manufacture: Greece

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ATTENTION: This compound has not been approved by the FDA and is not intended to cure any disease. By using our products you, you agree to our terms & conditions.


Developed in the 1970’s by the Hoffman-La-Roche company, Aniracetam is a part of a class known as Racetams. The unique characteristic of this particular racetam is its ability to exhibit anxiolytic properties and enhance mood alongside memory and focus.

Things to note:

  • It provides a certain stimulation effect, which is different from that of caffeine
  • It is fat-soluble, so taking it with fats might increase overall bioavailability
  • It is one of the few nootropics which can improve the density of receptors in the prefrontal lobe - the brain area responsible for impulse control, willpower and judgement
  • It has a positive effect on holistic thinking (e.g. putting the pieces of the puzzle together)

Country of Manufacture: Greece