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BEMITIL ® (Bemiton, Metaprot)

18 Reviews

Legal Disclaimer

All statements on this page are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the US FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Before using this product consulting a qualified MD is mandatory. See more

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Buy Bemitil ® (Bemiton, Metaprot) Online!

Bemitil or Bemiton is a synthetic adaptogen that can increase physical performance and adaptivity to conditions causing frequent hypoxia. It is popular among athletes and is also used in clinical practice.


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Chemical name Bemitil / Bemithyl / Bemiton / Metaprot / Antihot
Form: 10 pills of 250mg / 40 pills of 250mg
Form description: Hard-shelled gelatin capsules of white color
Active ingredient: Ethylthiobenzimidazole hydrobromide 250 mg
Excipients: Hydroxypropyl cellulose, anhydrous colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate.
Capsule shell composition: gelatin, glycerin, purified water, titanium dioxide (E171), sodium lauryl sulphate.
СAS Number: 14610-11-8
ATC code: A13A
Pharmacological action: Antihypoxic, adaptogenic, anti-asthenic, antioxidant, nootropic
Shelf life: 2 years. Do not use it beyond the expiration date printed on the package.
Storage conditions: Store in a dry dark place at temperatures no higher than 25°C. Keep out of reach of children.
Terms of release: Over-the-counter
Manufacturer: Belmedpreparaty, Belarus

What is Bemitil (Bemiton)?

Bemethyl, also commonly referred to as Bemitil or Bemiton, is a synthetic adaptogen. It possesses nootropic, regenerative, anti-hypoxic, antioxidant, antimutagenic, and immunomodulatory effects. Bemitil was developed in the 1970s in the Soviet Union and was successfully used during the Afghanistan war, the Chernobyl catastrophe, and the Olympic Games in Moscow.

The main purpose of Bemitil is to increase the physical and mental performance of people exposed to stressful conditions and accelerate the recovery process after physical exertion. That makes it useful for athletes, especially for bodybuilders and runners. What is important is that even healthy individuals can feel the effects of Bemitil.

But sports is not the only off-label use of Bemitil. It also works synergistically with other nootropics potentiating their effects. That is why it is often included in nootropic stacks. According to clinical studies, the combination of Metaprot with standard nootropic therapy is significantly more effective in the treatment of chronic fatigue, than the standard therapy alone.

What are Bemitil’s Benefits and Effects?

Bemitil (or Bemiton) is said to increase the body’s resistance to extreme factors such as physical activity, stress, hypoxia, and hyperthermia. The drug enhances the working capacity. It is known to have a pronounced anti-asthenic effect and it accelerates recovery processes after extreme conditions.

The good thing about Bemitil is that it does not cause psychomotor agitation.

What is the Mechanism of Action of Bemitil?

The chemical structure of Bemitil is similar to that of adenine and guanine — 2 out of 5 nucleobases that form DNA and RNA — which can explain its pharmacological effects.

Bemitil increases the synthesis of RNA and proteins in the skeletal muscle, brain cells, liver, and kidneys, including enzymes and ones related to the immune system. It also stimulates ATP synthesis and gluconeogenesis, which plays an important role in the energy supply during exercise.

Enhanced synthesis of mitochondrial enzymes and structural proteins of the mitochondria increase energy production and maintain a high degree of coupling of oxidation and phosphorylation — the mechanism of turning oxygen into energy in the body.

The anti-hypoxic and anti-ischemic activity of Bemitil maintains a high level of ATP synthesis under oxygen deficiency. The drug enhances the synthesis of antioxidant enzymes. Therefore it has a pronounced antioxidant activity.

What is Bemitil Used for?

From a medical viewpoint, Bemitil has quite a wide field of applications. In clinical practice, this drug is used in the complex treatment of:

  • Asthenic conditions (chronic fatigue);
  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Meningitis, encephalitis;
  • Cerebrovascular and cognitive disorders.


Check out this video for more information on Bemitil:

Is Bemitil Banned by WADA?

Bemethyl was added to the Monitoring Program of the World Anti-Doping Agency in 2018. The preparation is still only monitored as its misuse in sports is not proved yet. As of 2022, Bemitil continues to be an allowed substance in sports.


Where Can I Order Bemitil Online?

You can order Bemitil online from different vendors. CosmicNootropic offers Bemitil in packs of 10x250mg capsules and 40x250mg capsules with worldwide shipping! Always be sure to do your research before purchasing any nootropic supplement to ensure you are getting a quality product.

You can order Bemitil and get it delivered to the USA, Europe, the UK, Asia, and many other destinations via CosmicNootropic.


Legal Disclaimer
This product has not been approved by the US FDA. All statements on this page are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the US FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. See more

What is Bemitil Dosage, and How to Use It?

Orally, after meals.

For adults with body mass below 80 kg: 2 capsules in the morning, 1 capsule during the daytime (3 capsules a day).
For adults with body mass above 80 kg: 2 capsules in the morning, 2 capsules during the daytime (4 capsules a day).

The course of treatment: the drug shall be taken in a 5-days course. To avoid accumulation, another 5-day days course is suggested after a two days break.

To increase performance in extreme conditions the drug shall be taken 40–60 minutes prior to work at the 500–750 mg dosage. The maximum number of courses – two 5-day courses with two days break.


Hypersensitivity to any ingredients of the medication, hypoglycemia, pronounced liver dysfunctions, epilepsy, psychomotor agitation, arterial hypertension, glaucoma, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia, lactase deficiency, lactose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption, pregnancy, lactation, and age below 18 years old.

What are the Side Effects of Bemitil?

Central nervous system
Very often: headaches, facial hyperemia, sleep disturbances, anxiety;
Very rare: paresthesia, spasms.

Cardiovascular system
Very rare: hypertension, tachycardia.

Digestive system
Rare: nausea, vomiting, liver and stomach discomfort.

Allergic reactions
Often: hives, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis.

If the side effects occur, including those that were not listed in this instruction, you shall cease using the drug and seek medical advice.

Can I Overdose on Bemitil?

Symptoms: agitation and sleep disturbances.

If the signs of an overdose occur, the dosage shall be reduced or the treatment ceased. Overdose treatment: gastric lavage, administration of activated charcoal, if necessary, symptomatic therapy.

Specific recommendations

Do not take it in the evening, because Bemitil may cause sleep disturbances. While taking this drug, constant monitoring of arterial pressure is necessary. The usage of Bemitil is not recommended for people with suicidal behavior and for those who experienced suicidal thoughts before treatment. In case of behavior alteration or the appearance of suicidal thoughts, patients shall inform their doctor immediately.


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