CYTAMINS ® (Natural Peptides)


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CYTAMINS are peptide bioregulators of natural origin, which normalize and support the activity of human organs and systems, increase the body’s resistance to the effects of adverse factors, which helps maintain health, beauty, and activity for many years.

According to unique production technology, Сytamines are complexes of proteins (peptides) and nucleic acids, including physiological concentrations of minerals, microelements, and vitamins in an easily digestible form.

You can buy Cytamins for:

  • Providing protection and normal functioning of tissues and organs;
  • Ensuring high performance at elevated loads (including sports);
  • Preventing of diseases;
  • Acceleration of rehabilitation after past illnesses, injuries, and operations;
  • Enhance body resistance when exposed to adverse factors: environmental, climate, occupational, stress.


Advantages of Cytamins:

  • Peptides of natural origin naturally restore the normal functioning of the cells;
  • Have no side effects;
  • Help to normalize and prolong the work of internal organs;
  • Compatible with any nutrient and medicinal substances;
  • Do not contain preservatives, dyes, and flavors.


These peptides cannot cause side effects, as they occur naturally in the body.

Check out the producer’s website for recommendations!

You can buy Cytamins combo to achieve better results.

For the cardiovascular system

Koramin + Vasalamin + Renisamin

Koramin normalizes and supports the functions of the heart, accelerates the recovery of the heart muscle, improves the tolerance of physical activity. Vasalamine helps to normalize the state of the vascular system, it is recommended to improve blood microcirculation in various organs and tissues. Renisamin improves kidney function, which plays an important role in the blood pressure regulation system.

For the digestive system

Ventramin + Gepatamin + Pankramin

Ventramin is recommended to normalize the condition of the gastric mucosa. Gepatamin corrects the work of the liver, accelerates its recovery after medication, poisoning and the effects of other negative factors. Pankramin improves the pancreas and metabolic processes in the body due to the normalization of the splitting and absorption of essential nutrients.

For musculoskeletal system

Chondramin + Vasalamin + Gepatamin

Chondramin normalizes the function of the musculoskeletal system, contributes to the restoration of cartilage tissue, and supports the work of the joints, including during high physical exertion. Vasalamin helps to improve blood microcirculation in cartilage tissue. Gepatamin normalizes the work of the liver, which synthesizes the substances necessary for the body, including the work of the joints.

For brain

Cerebramin + Vasalamin + Renisamin

Cerebramin helps to normalize the function of the brain, improves memory and attention, it is recommended for intense mental activity. Vasalamin normalizes the state of the blood vessels and helps to improve the blood supply to the brain. Renisamin corrects and supports the functions of the kidneys involved in the regulation of blood pressure, which is important for cerebral circulation.

For the immune system

Thymusamin + Epifamin + Vasalamin

Thymusamin contributes to the physiological activation of the immune system. It is recommended during the cold season to prevent colds and viral diseases. Epifamin normalizes hormonal metabolism, which also has a positive effect on the immune system. Vasalamin normalizes the vascular system, supporting blood micro-circulation and the function of the body’s immune system.

For men’s health

Prostalamin + Testalamin + Vasalamin

Prostalamin normalizes the work of the prostate gland, as well as accelerates the restoration of its functions in case of prostatitis and urination disorders. Testalamin normalizes the function of the testes, it is recommended to improve sexual and reproductive function with infertility and impotence of different origin. Vasalamin allows improving the blood supply to the organs of the male reproductive system.

For the urinary system

Renisamin + Vasalamin + Thymusamin

Renisamin contributes to the normalization and improvement of renal function in various disorders, prevents the development of pathological changes in the tissues of the kidneys. Vasalamin allows you to improve the blood supply to the urinary system. Thymusamin helps activate the immune system, which prevents the development of inflammatory processes in the organs of the urinary system.

For the respiratory system

Bronkhalamin + Thymusamin + Vasalamin

Bronkhalamin helps to normalize and improve the function of the bronchopulmonary system for various disorders, prevents the development of shortness of breath and bronchospasm. Thymusamin helps activate the immune system, which increases the resistance of the respiratory system to various diseases. Vasalamin allows you to improve blood flow and gas exchange processes in the organs of the respiratory system.

Produced by Geropharm, Russia. Read more about the producer in this blog post.

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To be used as a dietary supplement. It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.


Each box contains 40 tablets. In 1 tablet:

Active ingredient: isolated and purified nucleoproteins from the relevant organ of cattle or pigs less than 12 months old – 15.5 mg.

Dosage and administration

1–3 capsules, 2-3 times daily, 10–15 minutes before meals. Duration: 10–14 days. Repeat after 3–6 months.

Do not chew the capsules.


Geropharm, Russia.

To be used as a dietary supplement. It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

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