Our eyes are very sensitive sensory organs. They are challenged every day as globalization changes the world around us. It has defined a new framework of the modern professional and social world. Most of the day-to-day routine is done via personal computer and cell-phone: work, communication, and entertainment. It is impossible to picture the life of a modern person without these electronic devices. Despite providing new possibilities they increasingly strain our health including the eyesight.  To help your eyesight you can buy eye vitamins.

The light emitted by screens, the low contrast compared to printed text and small print make you strain your eyes, lean closer to the monitor, and blink less often. Just a few hours a day of working on the computer can lead to the development of the computer vision syndrome, the main manifestations of which are asthenopia and dry eye syndrome. If you do not take protective measures and continue to overload the visual analyzer, functional changes may turn into organic ones.

Anti-inflammatory foods and foods rich in antioxidants, including dietary supplements for the eyes are an effective preventive measure, which is recommended for people who have been diagnosed with refractive errors of the eyes (myopia / hyperopia) and other diseases, for example, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, damage to the optic nerve and retina. These diseases can cause deterioration and partial or complete loss of vision. In addi